Nvidia Is Trying To Stop Crypto Miners Buying RTX 3000 Series Cards

Nvidia Is Trying To Stop Crypto Miners Buying RTX 3000 Series Cards
Image: Nvidia

Earlier this year, Nvidia announced that their GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards would ship with a “reduced Ethereum hash rate”, making them a lot less useful for crypto miners. They’re now extending that move to the RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti as well.

From late May, all the above models will start shipping with LHR (Lite Hash Rate) versions, with the ultimate goal being that gamers might find it easier to to get their hands on them, rather than crypto miners scooping them all up in bulk.

Of course, it won’t stop resellers, though it might take the wind out of their sales if crypto miners aren’t as incentivised to buy them in bulk either. And there’s always the chance that miners simply find ways to bypass these LHR models, like back in March when Nvidia accidentally unlocked their own protections with a driver update.

But hey, maybe in the short term it might be easier to get hold of a new graphics card! Maybe. Potentially. And if you can’t, well, remember that if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.


  • It’s a real shame. I’m about due for a PC upgrade and it’s stuff like this that has me holding off and waiting, as games slowly start to demand more than my 3yr old machine can comfortably deliver.

    It’s fine… I’m not exactly hurting for stuff to play; backlog alone could keep me busy until and even after retirement.

    But I do wonder if shortages in supply aren’t going to soon become the norm. Just another sign of the approaching age of scarcity…

    • Nvidia was already overcharging imo before the crypto boom.

      I built a PC close to nine years ago and topend GPUs were around $500/600. The nvidia 2000 series went up to $2k. It is a bit of cherry picking but ridiculous when I built my old system for less than $2k.

    • Less scarcity, and more failure to anticipate demand… in 2020 they expected a drop in demand due to a recession, instead demand sky rocketed due to everyone stuck at home.

      Add on the issues of having a console generation being released and the rampant abuse of scalping… the knock on effect could last years.

      Strangely though, upgrading just a graphics card is difficult due to supply shortages… but buying whole computers and laptops with RTX30XX isn’t hard especially from OEM Prebuilts.

  • Tank the crypto prices and the miners wont want the GPUs.

    Just get Elon Musk to start screaming on Twitter about how crypto is a scam or some shit.

  • Is Nvidia now the biggest crypto miner. If I was CTO I would be adding an extra step to Quality control where every card is “tested” for crypto mining durability for 24 hours before being packages for sale

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