Phantom Abyss Is An Aussie-Made Race To Steal A Temple’s Treasure

Phantom Abyss Is An Aussie-Made Race To Steal A Temple’s Treasure

If the idea of racing other Indiana Jones-types through a temple to be the only one to grab a priceless relic sounds appealing, then Phantom Abyss might be right up your alley.

Due out in early access this June, Phantom Abyss is made by Team WIBY in Brisbane. It asks players to run through procedurally generated temples, all of which have multiple levels. As you run through the levels, you’ll see the ghosts of up to 20 other players as they run through the level.

As you run through, you’ll come across relics that give you buffs for the rest of your temple run. You’ll need those buffs, because you only get one run per level. You’ll also come across cursed whips, which function a little like parasites from Returnal.

The whole point of the exercise is to claim the one legendary relic that rests at the heart of each temple. Collect that — and the temple is then locked out forever, never to be run through again.

It’s a fascinating little idea that sounds like it’s great for playing with friends, playing in short bursts or sharing on streams. It’s also awesome to see another really interesting project coming out of Queensland, which is really fostering a fascinating crop of games.

You can add Phantom Abyss to your Steam wishlist here. It’ll be available for purchase sometime next month, and the developers expect the game will remain in early access “for at least a year”.

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