Why You Should Grab A PS5 As Soon As You Can

Why You Should Grab A PS5 As Soon As You Can
Screenshot: Housemarque / Kotaku

Five months after it launched, the PS5 is still ridiculously hard to come by at retail. What it takes to actually buy the console in 2021 is a hefty amount of luck, quick-acting fingers and snap decisions. Stock drops tend to come as a major surprise, and cold-calling retailers rarely ever bears fruit.

The circumstances are understandable. We’re still living through a global pandemic, and there’s a long-term semiconductor chip shortage which means consoles aren’t just “not in stock”, they’re not being made. When supply does reach Australia, it tends to sell out immediately. People are desperate for the new console — and there’s plenty of reason to be.

While the first few months post-launch were fairly quiet for the PS5, we’re now entering the period where exclusives are ramping up. Over the course of 2021, owning a PS5 will be essential — and these are the reasons why.

Returnal — Out Now

returnal ps5 exclusive games 2021
Image: Returnal

Returnal is the first “true” PS5 exclusive, and one that’ll certainly interest fans of sci-fi or time-loop style adventures. The premise is fairly standard: you’re a pilot who crash lands on an alien planet and is forced to traverse an incredibly hostile environment filled with oozing creatures and strange biodomes. Your purpose is mostly a mystery, but alone the way you’ll discover a horrifying secret: you’re not the first “you” to take this journey.

What follows is a high intensity tale of survival against all odds as players try to understand how they came to crash on the planet known as Atropos and what secrets lie in its heart.

You can check out the Kotaku previews for the game here and here to learn more about why it should be on your list for 2021.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade — June 10

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the PS5-enhanced version of the original FFVII remake with an added bonus: Intergrade features a brand new chapter starring ninja Yuffie as she pulls off a daring heist in Midgar. She missed out on an appearance in the original version of the game, but her story is one worth experiencing for yourself.

Alongside this new chapter, Intergrade sports great lighting improvements and haptic feedback integration, so everything in Midgar is prettier and more engaging (although the original game is already very good in that regard.)

Everyone who owns a PS4 copy of the game will get a free upgrade to the PS5 version (you will have to purchase Yuffie’s chapter for an additional fee) — so if you were looking to experience the game in shiny, beautiful 4K, owning a PS5 is the best way to do it.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart — June 11

ratchet clank rift apart
Image: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

The excellent 2016 Ratchet & Clank reboot is getting a continuation this June in the form of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a full-blown sequel featuring alternate dimensions, swanky new weapons and absolutely stunning alien worlds.

The first trailer, released way back in 2020, reveals absolutely incredible-looking landscapes, sleek action and plenty of high-speed, high-octane shenanigans. Some of these involve your typical running-and-gunning in Ratchet & Clank style, but there’s also segments showing off dragon rides, hog rides and split-dimensional shifts.

It looks set to be an absolutely wild time, and should show off the immense power of the PS5 when it launches in June.

Deathloop — September 14

Deathloop is the latest adventure from Arkane, the developers of Dishonored and Prey. If you’ve played either of these franchises, you probably know what to expect here: excellent hand-to-hand combat, intriguing worlds and high concept action. But every trailer for this game makes it seem like the most exciting and original adventure Arkane’s had a hand in creating.

On top of the typically great-looking combat, Deathloop‘s trailers show off a unique retrofuturistic 60s aesthetic and Spy vs. Spy style gameplay, making the whole thing look like an incredibly stylish thriller.

Then you add in the whole time loop concept, and you’ve got a game that looks absolutely banging. While it does appear the game will be hitting PC down the track, it’s a PS5 exclusive at launch. This is one original game you won’t want to miss.

Horizon Forbidden West — “Late 2021”

Image: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is reportedly still on track for a 2021 release, so there’s a high chance we could see the continuation of Aloy’s post-apocalyptic adventures by the end of the year. Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful open world adventure, and carved out a tale of survival in a harsh and unfamiliar land. It was a story that felt rooted in reality, and explored questions many of us should be asking now such as whether humanity is becoming too reliant on technology.

Forbidden West is set to expand on these questions, with its reveal trailer revisiting the gorgeous open plains and cybernetic wilderness of the original title. Whether it releases this year or not, Horizon Forbidden West is set to be a glorious PS5 adventure.

God of War: Ragnarok — TBA 2021

god of war ragnarok ps5
Image: God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok is the PS5 exclusive we know the least about, and also the one most likely to slip into 2022. Still, it’s a game that should be on everybody’s radar.

2018’s God of War transformed the franchise from a generic hack-and-slasher to a rich narrative tale about a father and a son carving their way through a world filled with gods and monsters. It also leaned heavily into Norse mythology and grounded these myths in a wonderfully-told, realm-spanning journey.

Ragnarok is set to continue the tale of Kratos and Atreus, and it’s fair to assume this sequel will be just as moving as the original game. It’s expected to be a PS5 exclusive, meaning you’ll only be able to follow Kratos if you’ve managed to nab a PS5 by the time it releases.

But that’s not all…

While those are the major PS5 exclusive games releasing in 2021, there’s plenty of other crossgen enhanced titles to get excited about in 2021. These are the games you won’t need a PS5 to enjoy, but will look and feel much better on the console:

ps5 exclusive games scarlet nexus
Image: Scarlet Nexus
  • Resident Evil Village (PS4 | PS5 | XBO | XSX/S | PC) – May 7
  • Scarlet Nexus (PS4 | PS5 | XBO | XSX/S) – June 25
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS4 | PS5) – August 24
  • Life is Strange: True Colours (PS4 | PS5 | XBO | XSX/S | PC) – September 10
  • Far Cry 6 (PS4 | PS5 | XBO | XSX/S | PC) – mid 2021
  • Goodbye Volcano High (PS4 | PS5 | PC) – TBA 2021
  • Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (PS4 | PS5 | XBO | XSX/S | PC) – TBA 2021
  • Little Devil Inside (PS4 | PS5 | PC) – TBA 2021
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5 | XSX/S) – TBA 2021
  • Final Fantasy XVI (PS5 | PC) – TBA 2021
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong (PS4 | PS5 | XBO | XSX/S | PC) – TBA 2021
  • Stray (PS4 | PS5 | PC) – TBA 2021

There’s likely a whole lot more we don’t already know about — and more still that’ll be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the current 2021 release schedule is looking very, very good.

If you don’t already have a PS5 and there’s games on this list you’re keen to experience for yourself, there’s a few things you can do right now. First, follow Kotaku Australia on Twitter for stock drop alerts. Then, keep your eye on this stock tracker and stay alert for any buzz online. You can also ring your local gaming and electronics stores to find out more about stock (and please be polite if you do ring) or you can save retail tabs to your browser to check easily.

While it might feel like you’ll never get your hands on a PS5, there is hope coming. The semiconductor shortage which has caused major production issues is currently in the spotlight, with multiple companies (including Sony) working on a solution.

In the coming months the PS5 will become a must-have, and you’ll want to be ready for the wave of  exclusive games set to launch throughout 2021. Stay tuned for more news on the console and when you can expect more frequent stock.


  • I’ve had a PS5 since release and while I enjoyed Demon Souls and playing through Spiderman Remastered / Miles, other than that it’s been a woeful amount of content.

    Judging by this list, that isn’t going to change.

    • Agree.

      I’m a PS5 owner mostly because of temptation. I figured supply was unlikely to improve in 2021, and any chance of price drops is probably unlikely for a very long time, so why not just bite the bullet now (I followed stock alerts and trigger-fingered Amazon stock in about a 3min sale window). As a consumer with plenty of discretionary spending, as well as getting $350 for my PS4 Pro, cost wasn’t really a barrier in my case.

      But for many others, I wouldn’t upgrade to the current gen until probably the next iteration of these consoles, which, remarkably, could be 18mo to 3yrs post launch. With game development delays, and most titles purportedly to be released on last gen, I think it’s better advice to stretch the hardware limitations of your current console and snatch a nicer next iteration of next gen (for all the love I have for the attractive behemoth of the PS5, a more modestly sized newer iteration would still be desirable). The only exception to that is if you are a rabid fan of a particular exclusive (e.g. Ratchet & Clank, GoW) or the release hype gets you for another (e.g. Returnal, Deathloop), and you just can’t wait (either for better supply/next iteration, or ports to other platforms).

      • Or you are using a 4-7 year old console that is starting to show it’s loose threads, everytime you turn it on. Just saying, a lot of people are using consoles that most probably won’t last until the next “iteration” – whatever that ends up being. As someone that came into the PS4 at the release of the Slim – I loved it… but there’s no way I would wait for PS5 Slim… likely 2-3 years into the future. It all comes down to how much you enjoy gaming, the Playstation ecosystem (seriously, people should consider XBox Series X if they don’t have a huge legacy) , or they have cash to drop.

    • I disagree. I think Sony has done a pretty good job of taking care of early adopters. Of course there is not gonna be so much available at launch but to call it woeful makes you sound a bit spoiled. Not having a PS4, I’ve been really happy with games made available under my PS+ membership including the collection of PS4 games. If you’ve had a PS4, and played all these games you might feel differently, but also, control, oddworld, destruction all-stars, bugsnax – there’s like 30 games there that did not require any additional spend from me and they’ve kept me quite entertained – I havent even touched most of them. Given such high demand and short supply, I’m sure there are plenty of people that will make you a good offer for your console if you’re truly that disappointed.

  • Still not seeing any reason to justify buying one. There will be a PS5+ by the time there are enough exclusives for it to be worth it imo.

    • That’s fair, it’s all a matter of taste. Personally, I can see at least five of these exclusives I’m keen for, and they’re all big enough that they’ll probably tide me over for the year.

    • I’m in the same boat. Combined with the lack of console stock in Australia, I’d like to thank Sony for saving me money.

    • I’m sorry – you’re actually suggesting waiting for a mid console upgrade? Firstly – who knows when (if) that will be. If you’re coming from a base PS4, then there’s a huge difference, and I would definitely recommend going for a PS5. If you are on a PS4 Pro, then it becomes a little trickier, but the huge increase in convenience/speed and performance you get out of the PS5 (on some titles) is worth it still. The point is – yes, there will almost certainly be a slim version, and yes it will hopefully iron out a variety of bugs/issues… and eventually there may also be a pro version (or at least a larger SSD version). Still – with all the uncertainty in the world at the moment, if you have the cash available, I think upgrading is a good idea. If you don’t have $750 to drop (noting you will need to spend another crap-tonne of money on peripherals and games) then it’s best not even to visit PS5 releated websites yet. The only thing we should be prepared for is the whole COVID/semiconductor shortage thing is likely to push a lot of games into cross-gen territory (and that’s not so great for PS5 owners).

      • While a mid console launch is a very vague maybe, so is the promise of worthwhile PS5 exclusives. Many are also getting PC a release. It’s understandable for some people to not see much value in a PS5 at the moment.

  • Owning a PS5 over 2021 being ‘essential’? Hmm.. I think we have a different opinion of essential, but again each to their own tastes and I understand this can be swayed by personal opinion..

    Aside from R&C, I’m not seeing anything pushing PS5 exclusivity there.. Deathloop going to PC, Horizon also on PS4, God of War most likely getting pushed to next year, FF7 is a remake of a remake with 10% new content and Returnal, well it looks interesting but my personal opinion sways me away from it..

    R&C though.. hot damn, that game alone is making me try to keep on top of hardware availability..

    • I think if a writer/editor is going to put up that byline – then they should be prepared to justify it. I just commented (different comment) how I think it’s worth upgrading – if you can – but I’d agree that it’s not essential. There are some PS4 games that are truly transformed on a PS5 (even compared to PS4 Pro), but these are few and far between (kudos to MS with their BC and FPS boost push). However, to be honest, the only first party game this year (that’s almost guaranteed) is Ratchet… that ain’t no system seller (even though I love it). I will believe Horizon and (less so) GoW releases when I see it on a shelf somewhere. Returnal may be ok… but I get the feeling it will be a side note on the PS5 history (as a 2nd party should be).

  • God no. With all of the defects, the controller drift and shoddy backwards compatibility? I’m not buying one until it gets a full hardware revision. The PS5 is a lemon of a launch console.

    • I got my ps5 day 1, and I’d never go back.
      I also have none of the defects you’re speaking of. I’m not sure just how common they actually are. What i do know is I tried playing my xbone x the other night and I wanted to blow my brains out waiting for it to load everything.

      I suspect everything gets blown out of proportion these days. Consoles have had fault issues since NES and Master System days. PSXs overheated and got the laser stuck. Xbox had RRoD. We just didn’t have twitter as a source for journos to tell us that there’s (maybe) a problem.

      • There’s nothing on the PS5 I currently care about and having to deal with any of the prospective problems is a hard no for me. If I want to play PS4 games, I’ll use the one I already own.

        In addition to this, I have numerous friends who own PS5s whinging incessantly about their buyer’s remorse because a) no games, b) coil whine, c) worries about controller drift now, d) compatibility issues with PS4 games or e) random misc problem they didn’t know was a widespread problem until they Googled it. Any one of these would already make me wait for a revision. It’s not worth the money.

        • Anyone who has a PS5 and buyers remorse could make more than their money back if the buyers remorse (or they) were real…

          • My friends aren’t scalping shitheads. They did the sensible thing and offloaded it to their very happy kids instead.

    • I haven’t had any issues with mine and I got it in December. I thought both consoles were having teething problems with stick drift? On the BC front I think it’s overstated how much people really care. I can’t imagine using my limited gaming time to play old titles, but that’s just me.

      • Also bought mine in late December – my Sony charging station only has one of two connectors working, and my controller now sounds like it’s grinding metal everytime I play Control (if you have played with the Pierce gun, you might understand why). My console has had a number of SSD rebuilds (I have both the base and external SSD)… and I get the feeling it might go at any stage. I definitely think that Sony DID release a half-baked console, and we will likely suffer for it. I also am not convinced that waiting will help a lot.

    • I’ve had no problems with my PS5, my 2 controllers or with backwards compatibility. I certainly don’t agree with your assessment of the PS5 being a lemon. I could be wrong but your ‘numerous whinging friends’ sound a bit made up…

      • Yeah I’d agree with that. Like my perfect experience since November and my several friends also have had no issues either. I needed one as my launch PS4 was seriously on its last legs.

        Lemon sounds like a personal big bear more then (internet) truth.

        I will say it’s a far better experience then using the series x. With game pass being the only real positive for it.

        • I’m sorry – even as a Playstation fan… saying that GamePass is the only thing going for XBsX is kinda ridiculous. As fans, let’s stop trying to put down the ‘other team’. I really think that if I didn’t have a lot of vested interest in the Sony ecosystem, I would seriously be recommending MS’ consoles right now, because at a technical level, they are really doing great things. Unlike Sony. Er… expandable memory? VRR? X Cloud? EA Play? Real enhancements for most of their legacy games? That’s not to say that PS5 is bad – but don’t pretend that XBox isn’t doing a lot for gamers.

          • Personally the console experience is better on PS5. The SX has worse ui and the controller feels cheap.

            They are both getting a good deal of use, the PS5 just feels better/newer/slicker for me.

    • A lemon console? Hahahahaaaaaa!

      I upgraded from a ps4 pro and I would NEVER go back. I love it. The speed, the power, the silence.

      All consoles have controller drift. It’s a problem endemic to a part they use that is found in ALL controllers. Look it up.

      Shoddy backwards compatibility? First I’ve heard of it.

      I have experienced almost NO issues at all and definitely nothing that could be classified as a regret. Honestly, you should probably pass on the playstation, it doesn’t sound like there’s any possibility that you’d be satisfied with it.

  • I would buy a PS5 just for Returnal. Housemarque must be one of the most under-appreciated developers on the planet, but every single one of their games that I’ve bought since the PS3 days I’m still playing today. Except Matterfall, that one I didn’t love so much mainly due to the bizarre controls.

    But yeah, it’s a moot point given the unavailability of the hardware. I guess at least I’ll have a pretty decent back catalogue waiting for me by the time I do get my hands on one.

    • I can’t, and will never, spend $110 on a video game. Returnal can piss right off. Sony are dreaming if they think their games are worth that kind of money and I can’t believe there isn’t bigger uproar about this. It’s outright F$&#ed

      • You know you don’t have to buy games at release right? No-one’s pointing a gun at you and forcing you to buy.

        • Right, so you think it’s okay they are charging that much when their direct competitor will allow you to play all their new games for 15 bucks a month? I’m not a guy that’s short of dollar but this gap so large I find it rediculous people are willing to pay it. Heck, returnal doesn’t even look that great, it looks like a rip off of the old lost planet games. They weren’t bad but they aren’t worth 110 to 120 bucks hahha seriously WTF.

          • As someone’s who has EA Access as part of the Gamepass sub, I think I prefer Fallen Order gameplay wise to what I’ve seen of Returnal. Can’t say no to stabby time with laser swords.

  • I don’t have unlimited hours to play games and didn’t manage to get through Demon’s Souls until last month. I did smash through eternal last week though. I’ve been getting good mileage out of the system so far with 3rd party games like Fenyx Rising looking very pretty.

    That being said I’m really pumped for Returnal, Village and Ratchet and Clank. I also got to play a few games I missed on PS4 via plus which is a nice sweetener. Idk if the system is a must have right now, but I really like it and it will only get better by the end of the year.

  • Bit click baity….

    Also, have to echo the above, there really isn’t enough coming this year to justify the PS5 as a must have. Don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t already in the PS ecosystem, picking up a PS5 and going thru the PS4 catalogue isn’t a bad idea with some games running better, but whilst each console is still building up its next gen games (and those games still at $120 full price), its never been a better time than now to wait. I’d also argue if you were to pick up a next gen console now, you’d pick up a Xbox. The Xbox’s better backward compatibility and a gamepass library is a much stronger offering than a few exclusives and a few exclusives that got patched for 60fps.

    • Completely agree with this comment. Their honestly isn’t that much going for the PS5, and dropping up to $120 bucks on exclusives just hurts now next to game pass.

      Wait a few years, grab a PS5 slim, which won’t take up half your living room, and grab those exclusives on discount. If you are in the PS4 ecosystem, grab an Xbox and game pass and enjoy everything you missed.

    • Not really sure what you mean by the article being click baity? The headline is ‘why you should grab a PS5 as soon as you can’ and it’s a massive article about all the games that make the decision worthwhile.

      • I think it can be summarised by the article header and URL.

        The article header is (emphasis my own) Why YOU should grab a PS5 AS SOON AS YOU CAN, which is very jingoistic and feels like the start of a long form advertisement, and the URL, which is simply ps5-exclusive-games-release-schedule.

        • It wasn’t my choice of header, but the article still does what it says on the tin – you can’t grab a PS5 right now, but when you can there’s a bunch of games on the release schedule that mean you should grab it when you can.

          If it was clickbaity, the article wouldn’t say anything at all.

          • It’s not clickbaity, it’s a great headline that brings people in (look at all the comments) and there is a very well written article underneath it discussing why you should grab one when you can.

            Awesome writing as always Leah!

  • I was in the crowd of people who were eager for one, without any real basis for it – driven by scarcity and FOMO I guess.

    However, in my house, I’ve got some older sons who have each managed to get hold of either a Xbox Series X and a PS5 respectively. I have to say, the Series X has impressed me much more than the PS5 has. The Series X has been getting constant daily use, especially since the backwards compatibility is so well done. Chuck in the impressive Game Pass and it’s a home run. Meanwhile the PS5 is no longer white from the layer of dirty dust it’s gathering.

    Things may change over time as the library of always-impressive exclusives on PS5 grows but as it stands at the moment on the strength of the value proposition today, the Xbox would the way to go, no contest.

  • And meanwhile – I’ve plain given up on consoles this year and instead thrown all my $$$ in to replacing my 5 year old gaming PC. Yeah, it cost me maybe 5 times as much, but it’s here now and it kicks both those machines asses. And a PC isn’t that much more expensive overall once you factor in the cost of a good-quality 4K TV to make those things really sing.

      • I did, it wasn’t hard. But that’s with replacing the whole rig. Plenty of reasonable pre-built boxes around. If you’re into building it yourself piece by piece, then yeah….it’s a bit tricky. Still more doable than a PS5 though.

    • I don’t think having to factor in the cost of a TV is REALLY fair.. Unless you’re ONLY going to use a 4K tv to play on your console, which most people don’t.

      Also, you can pick up a TV which utilises PS5/XSX features for around $1500-2000 which is only 2X the cost of the consoles, so you’re still a little behind on cost value there.

      Don’t get me wrong, PC will look amazing, but there’s a preference for some to play on console and that’s a perfectly fine thing.

  • Had one since launch… The wife uses it more like a Netflix/Disney+ streaming machine more than I do as a gaming console. With 99% of games coming out on PS4 with a free PS5 upgrade available, I see no reason to try and take her $750 streaming player away from her.

    Not to mention that having an Xbox Series X with Xbox Game Pass keeps me rolling in games without needing to touch my PS5 at all.

  • You actually put Life is Strange 2 on this list? Really? Coz next gen is going to elevate this series? I get that there are remarkably still a lot of decent games coming out in 2021… but this IS NOT a next gen game.

    • True Colours is a side game by the Devs that did Before the Storm, which is why I’m guessing its not a numbered LiS entry.

      Hadn’t heard of that Vampire game, but its based on 5th Edition setting which is bad.

  • Better yet, whats the number one reason to ignore any console release until they learn to create a reliable supply and game releases are fully spread across PC as well as console…

  • Returnal is my favourite game in a long time! I hope it sells well and encourages Housemarque to continue making big budget arcade experiences.

  • As someone who skipped the last gen, if I combine the exclusives from last gen as well as this gen thanks to backwards compatibility it may just be worth it!

    Also “These are the games you won’t need a PS5 to enjoy, but will look and feel much better on the console” except for every single one of those mentioned which has a PC release lol.

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