Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In Australia

Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In Australia
Image: Sony

Seriously, where the f*** can you buy a PS5 in Australia? And when will more be available? We asked all the retailers so you don’t have to.

Update 05/05: Updated with new information on JB Hi-Fi and Vodafone.

JB Hi-Fi: PS5 Stock

jb hifi

JB Hi-Fi stores are allegedly now receiving store stock beyond the reserved amounts for people on the ‘expressions of interest’ list. To get on the list you’ll want to call or visit your local store — but if you haven’t already, you could still have a chance to grab a PS5 console.

You’ll watch to check out this thread for a list of Australian stores who reported stock over the last few hours:

The list of stores includes:

  • Brisbane CBD (QLD)
  • Cockburn (WA)
  • Caringbah (NSW)
  • Chatswood (NSW)
  • Launceston (TAS)
  • Leichhardt (Sydney, NSW)
  • Melrose Park (SA)
  • Oxley (QLD)
  • Prahran (VIC)
  • Springfield (QLD)
  • Surry Hills (Sydney, NSW)
  • The Glen (Eastern Suburbs, VIC)
  • World Square (Sydney, NSW)

Some stores received up to 10 units in both the physical and digital editions, but commenters have indicated most of these units are now gone. In addition to this, some stores are currently calling EOI customers to place a money pre-order on the console, indicating they expect more stock very shortly.

If you’d like to check your local for yourself (or put yourself on the reservation list), give them a quick ring — but please be patient and understand they get dozens of calls like yours on a daily basis every day of the week.

If you’re polite and patient enough, you just might chance one.


Following in Telstra’s steps, Vodafone announced they’re offering PS5 and PS5 Digital consoles through their Customer Care channel.

Vodafone’s page is taking registrations for people who want to add a PS5 to their existing Vodafone services. You need at least two eligible postpaid mobile, NBN or tablet services with Vodafone to qualify. There’s no saving (or gouging) on the price of the PS5 or PS5 Digital edition, and you can choose to pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months. It’ll cost $20.83/month on top of whatever you’re already paying Vodafone to get the disc based PS5, and $16.67/month for the Digital Edition.

According to Vodafone Live Chat, the console is in stock now — but you should call 1300 728 637 to confirm your eligibility and whether you can have the console delivered to you.

Big W: PS5 Stock

Image: Big W

Update: 5/5: The website notice declares Big W is currently a bust. “PlayStation 5 Consoles will not be available for in-store or online purchases. Please continue to check back online for further updates.”

EB Games: PS5 Stock

Image: Sony

Press Start have reported that EB Games will be able to re-open orders for upcoming PS5 shipments soon, with their latest stock drop finally fulfilling all orders from the initial drop in September (!!). EB, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon tend to be the three biggest retailers as far as supply goes, so when EB opens the floodgates — and preorders are expected to be available online — there should be a good chance of getting an order in.

No word on what day those pre-orders will open, mind you, but we’ll keep you posted.

Update 5/5: According to PS5 Stock Alerts Australia, EB Games has been selling stock on the shelf. Sadly, the local Sydney stores we called didn’t — but feel free to check with your local.

Amazon Australia: PS5 Stock

Update: 5/5: Amazon has had some very rapid fire stock drops over the last few weeks, but nothing at the moment. You’ll need to be quick and stay tuned to socials for these ones.

The Good Guys: PS5 Stock

Image: The Good Guys

All out, unfortunately, but hopefully with other retailers getting supply The Good Guys will be able re-open orders soon.

The Gamesmen: PS5 Stock

The Gamesmen’s stock is all gone, and no word on when the next shipment will drop.

Sony Store Australia: PS5 Stock

Update 5/5: Sony is offering updates on availability for consoles, but it appears stock is sold out for now. Stay up to date with news here.


Image: Target

Target’s all out of stock right now, with no word on when they’ll come back.

Harvey Norman / Domayne: PS5 Stock

Harvey Norman’s PS5 stock is gone for now, and there’s no word on when it’ll be back.

Target Australia: PS5 Stock

Image: Target

You can buy some controllers in the meantime, but no word on when the consoles will be available.


There’s currently no stock at Kogan, and no PS5 landing page. Plenty of PS5 games, though.


  • I got confirmation from Amazon saying I was one of successful with my launch day PS5……but just today, 1 DAY BEFORE THE LAUNCH. got an email saying it’ll be delivered on the 15-16 of Nov. FU Amazon

  • Either the Sony Store sold out really quickly before the time above or they just updated their pages with this message “Pre-orders for PlayStation 5 at Sony Online and in Sony Stores have now finished.” just before 8am and will be selling then later today (maybe 9am?)

  • Wow…. thanks retailers for providing advance notice… I’m sure there’s already a crap load up for nominal re-sale on eBay as we speak. Thanks a bundle. I’m getting pretty jacked off with this whole situation. How much stock are they actually releasing? Mustn’t be very much at the speed it’s disappearing.

      • But where… I’m betting about 6 million are in the US; 3million Europe; 2 million in Japan (and the rest of the vapours are distributed around the rest of the world). Love living in the noise…. of my unendurable rage growing ( just joking… it’s more a smouldering rage atm)

  • I’d just like to give Sony and Amazon a big “Fuck you” from WA for starting so early in the day with no advance notice. Wankers.

  • Thank you so much for this article, thanks to you, I have just got one from Vodafone. They said it will be here 12th of December
    I know that there will be one 12-year-old boy happy this Christmas, and lets be honest, and his dad 🙂 Game on!

  • Dear JB,

    Thanks for opening your page earlier than expected, by like, 45 minutes. You said 11am, you damn well screwed everyone except the scalpers no doubt. Can’t wait to see the giant amount of these appearing on Ebay this arvo… *sigh*

    JB, you’ve ‘done it again’…

      • Here’s a suggestion – just make it illegal to sell any item above it’s RRP online. Solved. Thankyou and I’ll be in the bar.

        • That would make sense after all. I get there’s collectors groups, you could set those up, or have them declared as such, but this scalping shit has to be hit head on. It’s bloody absurd. Plus, it’s profiteering.

        • Don’t even have to get that complicated. Just use eBay’s built in rights management system, VeRO. Anything with JB branding in the listing is fair game. Since they’re selling the systems as new I believe Sony and Microsoft could also kill the listings.

          • Yeah, things can go up in value over time for sure – but the rules could be around not being able to sell above RRP for anything still in production.

            But why would Ebay want to do something that reduces their own revenue? Hard to expect them to jump on something with no benefit to them.

    • …are you sure? I was refreshing the JB page pretty much constantly since 7am (10am EDST) and they only became available at 7:59, one minute before they were meant to.

  • My Experience today –
    Started with Harvey Norman who had nothing up then suddenly they were there!! Selected, went to checkout and waited, and waited and waited. They could tell me I couldnt get it delivered because of where I lived but then it wouldnt let me select a store to doclick and collect. Sat on the page for over an hour and a half waiting with no luck.

    Gamesmen – Even though I live in Victoria I grew up in Sydney and for a long time the only place which really had a presence as a game store was Gamesmen. As above the website was struggling but at 10am I managed to get to the page and select a console but it would not let me proceed to checkout. Waited, waited, waited and unfortunaley a no go.

    JB – Last role of the dice with JB and was surprised the website hadnt crashed. I think one thing that may have caught people out was the PS5 landing page had a slide with the information re release day but wasnt clear you had to click on that to go to the console page. Click, straight to purchase, a helpful page letting you know you were in queue for checkout and not to refresh, whack in the details and job done! Was surprised that 20 minutes after they still seemed to have the option to purchase!

  • As expected – horrible experience. I got to three different checkouts then failed at that point (Harvey’s, Amazon, JB). JB progressed to the point where i entered credit card details then it timed out.

  • Most sites broke down or either sold out immediately. A bunch of these preorders are already showing up on ebay at inflated prices.
    Screw this rat race. I’ve just placed an order for an electric guitar I’ve been eyeing instead.

  • I think the most frustrating part about this is that these places push pre-orders on everything to reduce risk when stocking items, but the second we hit items that are actually high demand they give up. There’s no ques, no pre-authorisations, no locked in address/pickup ID to make scalping even a little bit hard, checkout systems that buckle under the slightest (extremely predictable) pressure, little to no transparency on what wave you’re actually ordering, terribly unpredictable schedules. Even when you get your pre-order the systems are all so unstable that you don’t know if you’ve actually got one.

    Seems like JB is the only site that actually tried to implement anything at all to combat the issues with high demand pre-orders. Every other site is content with wasting massive amounts of people’s time purely because they know they’re going to sell all their allocated stock either way.

    • I know that all sounds incredibly salty, but I don’t actually mind waiting until next year for either console. It just really bothers me how much of people’s time they’re willing to waste.

      • I’m with you. I also don’t think anyone is salty with not getting one, but more with how craptacular this whole process has been.

        • Bingo. I WAS hoping to get one for xmas for my boy and I but hey, it’s no big deal. We waited six months for the ps4, we can do it for the 5. But sick and tired of how it’s all scalping and bots now.

          • I feel bad for parents trying to get one for Christmas. They still lose a day but at least with physical lines they could judge the crowd and tell what chance they took. Instead they have to take half a day off work to probably not get one.

  • Everyone will hate me for saying this, but I knew that the last time pre-orders went up they often didn’t follow the advertised times. So, I have been sitting at my computer for 6 hours waiting for the perfect moment, and low and behold amazon opened early allowing me to snag one.

    I wish everyone good luck for the next wave!

    • I wouldn’t advertise the fact that you are indeed a c*nt…. and by that I mean everyone is jealous, and wishes they were similarly lucky. I don’t blame you – but I think we can all agree the real elephant-sized-arse in the room are the retailers, who have done SFA to actually make this an even somewhat equitable thing. To them, I say a heartily colourful FU…. however, I do offer my congrats to yourself. It must feel nice. However, I hope you and your console burn in the ETERNAL FIRE OF DAMNATION (and you’ll love every minute of it I’m sure 🙂 )

      • And if you’re concerned – I AM joking…. well done. Seriously, it was a crazy day …. again. I’m glad that at least some people were successful.

  • Over 160 new ps5 ads today already on gumtree at ridiculous prices. Honestly hope most of these scalpers are forced to sell them at lower prices and make a loss. It would be better to spend this Christmas showing some love to older gen titles or even indie games instead and wait it out till prices drop or the market inevitably gets saturated with stock.

    • Seriously – I think we need a law to prevent profiteering off these things… and the scalpers would evaporate overnight, like cockroaches in the sun.

      • There are laws I believe. They’re just vague and not all that enforced. Though I do agree, profiteers have been getting out of hand since the beginning of this year and this needs to be taken more seriously.

  • You know – it’s been a crap year (let’s just say it) – and while we all understand that there’s a lot of limitations (both in terms of stock, and access to that stock) I think there needs to be a bit of truth-telling regarding the retailers. I get that they have VERY limited stock – but to be honest, they’ve hardly said anything, and have done next to nothing to actually make it a fair and equitable prcoess. When are we going to get past this Dark Ages purchasing model where they encourage people to keep spamming their websites, which it would seem causes most of the problems – just on the off-chance that they have a console to sell?

    Is this a first world problem? Yes. We live in the first world. These are the sorts of things that shit me off. Would I be upset if I knew I had no chance until Feb-March to purchase a PS5? Yes… but I would be a helluva lot less stressed if we all could just put our names in a bucket and then either wait for it come out, or if we can source one elsewhwere to get it that way. What pisses me off is the idea that you need to keep trying, like some kinda automaton, when 99% of people have 0% chance of getting something. I don’t mind missing out – I do mind being made to dance for my supper.

    This idea that we all have to act like an attack of seagulls after the lone dropped chip on the beach as a way of doing buisness is just demeaning. And I for one think the retailers need to get a wake-up call to let them know that this anachronistic way of geurilla marketing is just NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. Any one else agree?

    • I agree but you gotta remember that the frustration we feel as consumers is shared across every part of the chain right now as extreme uncertainty in production and distribution is compounded by unprecedented online demand.

      It’s clear changes need to happen but it’s not going to right now at the height of the crisis where there’s no conceivable way of making everyone happy or providing clear answers at any point.

  • I jumped online this morning in expectation that the Gamesmen would be the first to open for sales at 10AM AEDT, because I couldn’t find any information for the other retailers to indicate what time their sales would go live. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough the last 2 weeks I’ve been scouring for info…

    I was online between 9:50 AEDT and 10:50AEDT, which is 6:50AM AWST. So first of all, [email protected]#$ you very much to the retailers for doing this at unsociable hours for people not on the east coast.

    The Gamesmen were down the whole time… maybe the 11/11 article blew up their website – just putting it out there.
    HN would add to cart, but couldn’t locate store to complete purchase… hopeless.
    JB didn’t have ps5 listed… gg.
    BigW had it listed but still MIA.
    Sony AU Store went straight from “not available” to “pre-orders have now finished”. Refreshed every 2 minutes, didn’t see it open for sale… gg bots?

    Amazon AU was initially showing as “not available” and then around 10:40 AEDT the ps5 was suddenly “In Stock”. Took about 30 seconds to complete purchase. Website was fast and responsive.

    Thumbs up to Amazon AU, but what happened to the availability notification…
    Like everyone else, I subscribed for availability notifications and updates on when ps5 orders would be accepted again. I got zero notifications leading up to today and checking my inbox now I still don’t have any.
    I think retailers are setting up a lot of people to fail with the pretense that they will communicate availability and timing. They’re purporting to provide an information service (albeit for free) that doesn’t really exist.

    Also there were virtually no attempts to thwart bots or scalpers on any of the sites. So take that as real world proof that voluntary counter-measures are a pipe dream.

    • Gamesmen have a big problem in that their widget based checkout causes pile ups very quickly. There’s about five auto-loading components that if they timeout restart the whole process. The second the traffic gets too much it interrupts the checkout process, leading to people refreshing their cart every five seconds which in turn leads to more traffic. It instantly becomes impossible to checkout. After that it’s a waiting game for a few hours until enough people quit/slow down that the site stays up long enough for you to make it through all the checkpoints.

      It’s a shame. I go there for a lot of my tabletop stuff and they’re really good.

  • Hey, it’s a combination of demand and covid issues I would imagine. I refuse to get in line and beg for a console, don’t get me wrong I really want Demons Souls but I can’t justify wasting my time refreshing websites and spending my time screwing around just to secure a piece of hardware based around FOMO.
    There will be more in the new year I hope.

  • No point recycling this article again.

    @Alexwalker – the site is borked. It is known. Any plans to fix it or at least ask for a refund? It’s quite shit.

  • Just so I understand… Kotaku wants to be taken seriously by publishing ‘updated’ articles when you update 1 store from all the stores listed… When all the rest haven’t been updated since November…

    This is as big a joke as the 2-4 year old articles as ‘new’

  • What a joke! if Sony realy wants me to be thier customer why won’t they accept my money? I’m more than happy to pay for thier console now and as soon as stock is available they could send me one.
    Instead they won’t take my order anywhere????

  • I just came here to say that….. for the love of God, please don’t set up your consoles like it shows in the thumbnail.

    Modern tech isn’t well suited to the old entertainment unit “slots” and you’ll have a cooked console in no time.

    • Seconded. My Series X gives off the same heat as a small nuclear reactor compared to older consoles. Leave the new ones on top, if you can, with lots of ventilation.

  • This seems like a pretty shit way to handle new stock in the country. I’m kind of surprised that you can’t even go on a wait list at Sony’s official store, and get notified when a console is available.

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