Who Wants Thomas The Tank Engine To Step On Them

Who Wants Thomas The Tank Engine To Step On Them

The highly-anticipated Resident Evil: Village isn’t even released yet, but if you thought that would stop modders doing their thing, think again. And what better way to celebrate a new game than with a good ol’ fashioned Thomas the Tank Engine mod, am I right?

The new mod, which was developed during the game’s demo, allows players to turn Lady Alcina Dimitrescu with none other than Thomas the Tank Engine.

Iconic, I know.

Entitled Count Theodora, the new mod simply replaces Lady Dimitrescu’s face with Thomas the Tank Engine, leaving the rest of her body as normal for what I can only describe as a terrifying result.

It’s free, easy to install and adds an unexpected twist to the game that’ll give you a whole slew of new nightmares to keep you up at night. What more could you possibly want?

Don’t believe me? Here, take a peek for yourself.

It’s worth noting that the mod will be updated and changed once the full game officially launches, but I’m sure it’ll support whatever Capcom releases post-launch.

If Thomas the Tank Engine wasn’t quite enough to ruin your childhood, might I suggest this mod that requires you to shoot Barney the dinosaur or face his evil wrath?

This mod courtesy of MarcosRC will cost you, but is entirely worth the investment for its unique addition to the gameplay.

These Resident Evil Village mods are quite possibly the most terrifying things I’ve seen since the cursed Mr Thomas mod that still lives rent-free in my nightmares.

Some people want to relax and unwind with some video games, others just want to watch the world (and their childhood) burn.

Resident Evil Village launches this Friday May, 7 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read Kotaku’s US’s official review of the game here, and we’ll have some local coverage in the coming week.

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