Mario Fans Are Obsessed With ‘Cut’ Character Scripulous Fingore

Mario Fans Are Obsessed With ‘Cut’ Character Scripulous Fingore
Image: Cut and Obscure Video Game Content

Video game fans love seeing “behind the curtains” on their favourite projects, whether it’s perusing cut content or getting a glimpse at cancelled projects. It’s why accounts like Super Mario Broth are so popular — they share histories and facts that often go unseen. It’s also why Mario fans are now obsessed with a strange white blob known as ‘Scripulous Fingore’.

Scripulous Fingore first arrived on the scene via Cut and Obscure Video Game Content, an account reportedly dedicated to “sharing obscure facts and cut/scrapped content from video games”. But as you might guess, this account is a parody of feeds like Super Mario Broth, and one with a wicked sense of humour.

According to the account, Scripulous Fingore was a fully coded ghost enemy that went unused in New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS. “When asked about the enemy in an interview, Miyamoto disregarded the question, seeming unusually upset,” the account states. This news is accompanied by a 3D render of Fingore alongside a 2D recreation of how he’d behave in the game.

Fingore is seen pointing in both renders, and appears to have been designed as an aggressive, pointing enemy that would disrupt Mario in the ghost stages of the game.

It didn’t take long for the figure to gain notoriety in the Mario fan base, with many Twitter users going on to create beautiful works of fan art, videos and recreations of the character in other games. Many insist Fingore is real, and that Miyamoto purposefully denied fans an iconic Mario enemy because he was afraid.

There’s just something about this gelatinous white blob that’s enthralled fans, and single-handedly created a cult around the mysterious, pointing render.

But Scripulous Fingore isn’t the only character that Cut and Obscure Video Game Content has blessed us with over the past few weeks — and most of them are developing their own fanbases, too.

Over the weekend, the account introduced gamers to ‘Chinson‘, the original form of Bors from Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. He’s basically the same, but he has one important difference: a very large chin. This was “allegedly” removed as “a chin of such girth made the playtesters feel inferior”. Still, Twitter users are fascinated by the character’s appearance.

Cut and Obscure Video Game Content also recently introduced players to Rayman’s “original” form including arms and legs which were somehow “glitched out” in the final version of the Ubisoft game. According to Cut and Obscure Video Game Content, armed Rayman is real, and he can hurt you.

Diving further into the account reveals hideous beings like cut Zelda enemy ‘The Biggest Slime‘, a Terraria terror known as Long Face Man (a purveyor of nightmares) and Meat Boy’s original counterpart, ‘Feetboy‘.

The entire Twitter feed is filled with horrific and beautiful gems like these, so if you’ve ever wanted to dive into the gaming history of an alternate world, it’s absolutely the place you should be. All these creatures and so many more are waiting for you, just out of sight.

Scripulous Fingore is just the tip of the iceberg.

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