The Latest Sims Expansion Lets You Live Out Your Interior Design Dreams

The Latest Sims Expansion Lets You Live Out Your Interior Design Dreams

Following the release of the excellent Courtyard Oasis kit, The Sims 4 is set to get yet another brand new expansion diving into the world of interior decorating and design. Dream Home Decorator, set for launch on June 1, continues to epic ‘Summer of Sims’ which will add countless new activities, accessories and events to the game over the Australian winter season.

Dream Home Decorator is the latest game pack on the way, and it’s a rather exciting one. It introduces an all-new interior decorator career where you can travel to other Sims’ houses and create their dream home on a budget.

Interior decoration is a huge part of what makes The Sims fun, but so far players have been limited to decorating their own spaces or loading into their neighbours homes to move things around a bit. By expanding these options, Dream Home Decorator acts more like Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in that players will be able to travel with their Sims to fulfil client needs.

You’ll have set goals for each home and room, and you’ll be able to change things up on the fly depending on client interests. There’ll be dislikes to avoid, likes to incorporate and goals to hit along the way, making the whole process more complex and challenging. Given Sims players love a challenge, it’ll be very exciting to see what creations everyone comes up with.

In addition to a new career, Dream Home Decorator will also add in new furniture options like modular storage units, kitchen appliances and ‘modern’ decorations to make your new homes sing.

You can check out the reveal trailer below:

Dream Home Decorator is just the second piece of the ‘Summer of Sims’ puzzle, and it’ll be followed by online celebrations for Pride, new events, base game updates and an all-new nature-themed expansion pack at the end of the season. (Personally, I’m hoping this includes tweaks for PlantSims, but we don’t know much about what it’ll entail yet.)

There’s plenty more goodness on the way and plenty of reasons to dive back into The Sims. After the year-and-a-bit we’ve all had, there’s no better time to dive in and relax in the game’s perfect, idyllic world.

Long live The Sims.


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