Skate 3’s Sickest Trick Is A Rube Goldberg Machine

Skate 3’s Sickest Trick Is A Rube Goldberg Machine
Screenshot: EA

“Do a kickflip!” Yeah, yeah, yeah. How about this: “Create an elaborate Rube Golberg machine and then use it to do the sickest trick maybe ever!” Reddit user Skate3Tommy would probably be, like, “OK.”

In a video posted to the Xbox One subreddit today, Skate3Tommy showcased “the culmination of 13 years of play and dedication” in Skate 3. At face value, it’s a really cool use of Skate 3’s course creator. But it’s also a master class in patience, physics, and perfect timing.

The first 47 seconds or so play out much like your typical Rube Goldberg hijinks — you know, those contraptions that use physics to set off a chain reaction of needless complexity in service of accomplishing a simple task. Skate3Tommy rolls a giant ball down a tube, at which point it pops off a ramp and knocks some table-sized dominos over, which then sends another ball rolling down another set of tubes and ramps. If you’ve seen any Rube Goldberg video, you’ve seen stuff like this before. The rest, however, is…well, just watch:

Yeah. I know. Cancel this year’s X Games.

For those unclear about what, exactly, just happened, the Rube Goldberg contraption culminates with the second ball landing on a see-saw-like ramp, sending a 6.10 m rail into the air. Skate3Tommy, meanwhile, apparently spent the clip offscreen, rolling down a big air ramp, then shows up at the last moment to spin a frontside 270 into a boardslide on the mid-air rail. Consider the timing necessary to pull that off, the mind boggles. When one Reddit user asked how many tries it took, Skate3Tommy had a perhaps expected response: “Too many lol.”

“We bow down to your excellence,” one Reddit user wrote. “Fuckin legend,” wrote one another. A third deemed it “the greatest moment in gaming history.” Responses to the video largely can largely be categorised as awe, praise, or a mixture of both.

Still, it’s impossible to please everyone. As one user responded (in jest…probably), “Yea, but can you hippy flip!?”

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