Sony Expects PS5 Shortages To Continue Into Next Year

Sony Expects PS5 Shortages To Continue Into Next Year

Even though the PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020, the console is still scarce at retail. Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki apparently believes that these shortages will continue, even into 2022.

Bloomberg (via The Japan Times) reports that Totoki recently discussed the issue at a closed briefing. According to those in attendance, the exec said, “I don’t think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldn’t be able to catch up with demand.”

(Full disclosure: I am a columnist at The Japan Times.)

The responsible chip shortage, which impacts everything from graphics cards to PS5s, has been called a “crisis.” The difficulty in securing semiconductors is being blamed for the low PlayStation 5 supply, and Bloomberg adds that Sony hasn’t yet given an on-the-record statement on when that supply chain will return to normal.

Mat Piscatella, executive director and video game advisor with the NPD Group, previously told Kotaku that the semiconductor shortage might a challenge into the second or third quarter this year or even beyond.

But even with the supply issues, as Kotaku reported, sales of the PlayStation 5 are outpacing the PS4.

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    • Same, actually. Good timing on Sony’s part for consoles to be available when all of the games are out and hopefully discounted.

    • Overhyped rubbish. Not a bad game but so sick of Sony games getting 9 and 10 out 10s from everyone when its flaws are many.

      • It owns, I’m in post game to get the secret ending and use some guns I skipped. Sorry about your deep care for review scores lol

        • Who said that you weren’t allowed to like it? And who said that people can’t disagree with reviewer scores (especially when we’ve had articles on this very site about how Sony’s embargo terms means that they can’t be as honest as they’d like with reviews)? You can like the game and there can still be questions and criticism levelled at how Sony is handled in reviews.

          As I’ve said before, people expressing their dislike of something doesn’t mean that you personally are not allowed to enjoy the game. God knows I have a large list of trashy books, movies and games that were considered complete garbage that I still enjoyed regardless of critical or fan feedback.

          • tl;dr: You can like it and he can think it’s garbage and the world won’t end. You don’t need to make a snide affirmation about how much you personally like it, since that doesn’t change the basis of his complaint.

      • Its brilliant IF you are not a desperate cynic. Is it perfect, no, but it is a seriously well realised game. See if you said you didnt like it, sure I could see that, but because you are so clearly only having a go at it for what you THINK it represents it kinda defeats your point.

  • Looks like i aint getting a ps5 Until 2022 as im waiting for the price drop, and they arent gonna do that for a looooong tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

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