The Longest Road On Earth Might Be The Most Interesting Game This Week

The Longest Road On Earth Might Be The Most Interesting Game This Week
Image: Steam

If you’re after experiences and adventures of a different flavour, you’d be hard pressed to find anything as unique as The Longest Road on Earth this week.

A new game out today on Steam, iOS and Android, The Longest Road on Earth has you controlling four anthropomorphic characters as they go about their lives. It’s a narrative experience but not one told through traditional narration or text. Instead, the main cues come from the 24 songs that make up The Longest Road on Earth‘s soundtrack, with the developers themselves singing every single one of the songs.

This is all backed up with monochromatic landscapes, with the player tasked with forming the narrative themselves based on what they see and hear. It’s not a long experience: the whole thing will only take you a few hours.

If you’re playing on PC, the game’s going for just over $13. I’ve easily paid more than that for a new movie, or even a retro movie. But you can also grab it on iPad and iPhone for $5.99, or on Android for the same price. I imagine it’d be a good experience while commuting or in bed with some nice headphones, especially if you’re after something chilled to wind down to before nodding off.

the longest road
Image: Google Play

You can find more information on the Steam listing, via Google Play or iOS.

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