Trackmania Cheating Scandal Is Utterly Fascinating

Trackmania Cheating Scandal Is Utterly Fascinating

Back in March, I spent a very long time watching Trackmania videos, despite it being a game I don’t really play and know almost nothing about. Today we’re back with another one, just as good, only this time about something less celebratory than a world record.

This time it’s about a cheating scandal, when one of the biggest names in the Trackmania scene, Riolu, was eventually and methodically found to have broken the rules in a run submitted to the game’s leaderboard. He and six other racers were caught slowing their games down so that their moves could be more precise, which sounds like a simple little hack, but the way it works, and the way they were all caught, is what really makes this 20-minute video (again by Wirtual) so captivating.

I know, 20 minutes, right? Don’t think of this as a quick YouTube video to be consumed while browsing. Make a cup of tea, settle in and think of this as a short but very cool documentary.

If you want to read up on the whole thing, Wirtual also co-wrote the report on the matter that’s available here.

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