Valheim Sculptures Prove That The Game Is Mostly Viking Minecraft Now

Valheim Sculptures Prove That The Game Is Mostly Viking Minecraft Now

Valheim was originally a survival game where you, a dead Viking, must prove yourself to Odin by conquering the eponymous realm of Valheim. But after you summon and slay all the bosses, there’s not much to do. Nowadays, the game has pretty much become Viking Minecraft, where players show all their elaborate, frame-chugging creations on the Valheim subreddit.

If you enjoy the classics, a player going by britzerland recreated a bust of Michelangelo’s statue of David. According to the player, it took three days to learn how to make it (it involved a lot of maths) and two hours to sculpt.

For Star Wars fans, player Colonel-James-Parker made a wooden replica of the Millennium Falcon, with a torch-lit engine and fully furnished interior with chests, crafting stations and a bed.

Glpv built Notre-Dame de Paris. If you look closely at the first screenshot, you’ll see a Viking standing atop the right tower for scale.

Okayshima built a massive luge route that starts at a mountaintop and goes all the way down to the sea, sending his raft down in a single, uninterrupted path from peak to dock. Things don’t exactly “slide” in Valheim, so in order to make the journey work, Okayshima had to line the path with roof tiles and constantly repair their raft from collision damage.

Mandrasan made a really, really big bridge.

I hate building things. I’m a pleb who enjoyed Valheim only because I got to explore dangerous biomes and fight giant trolls with excessively hirsute butts while my friends did all the crafting and building. But even a simple, single-minded player like me can appreciate impressive feats of Viking engineering like these.

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