What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Thanks to Sydney temporarily reminding everyone that, no, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away yet, the weekend just became a real good time to enjoy some video games. And since some chill is in order, there’s one game that I’m especially keen to drink up.

That game is Hundred Days, and as the picture and Steam page indicates, it’s all about building your own vineyard. The simulation is steeped in viticulture, so you’ll be picking what vines you want to grow, learning more about the growing process, and when the grapes should be harvested. And then it’s onto the sales side of the business, the marketing, expanding into larger markets, and so on.

There’s actually a really neat story behind the game’s creator, who still harbours some dreams of owning and running the family vineyard if Hundred Days does well enough. I don’t know how that will work out. But I love the sincerity and the serenity of the presentation. And given I’ve got some good bottles of wine that need drinking, why not pair it with a simulation about the whole thing?

So I’ll be keenly getting into that. What about yourselves — what are you playing this weekend?


  • Well, I was just gonna cycle repeatedly between Returnal, Pokemon Snap, and Genshin Impact, but now I guess I gotta fit a bloody vinyard game into my rotation, too. Also some Loop Hero while I work, because it’s super easy to only occasionally poke at on the side while you work. Hm. Lots of loops and cycles in these games.

  • Finishing off Fallen Order. I hope there’s a sequel too that cleans up the platforming jank a bit, because while I enjoy the combat, the platforming and puzzle solving still feels a bit wonky (not clipping properly to edges for grabs etc).

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