What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Terminator Resistance

It’s starting to get properly cold, which means two things: it’s time to grab the blanket and rug up for some video games.

What video games are best depends on where you’re playing. I’ve spent some time with Hundred Days recently, and that’s a game that’s best enjoyed with a mouse, keyboard, red wine and some chocolate. My partner’s been on the Slay the Spire train recently, and that’s a great lounge/bed/bath experience, especially as it starts to get colder.

Some big video games have just dropped, although for a change I won’t be the one covering them. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition isn’t in my hands, so that leaves me free to talk about one other thing. But I can’t actually talk about that other thing until–checks notes–some time in the future.

So it’ll give me some free time to catch up on something else I’ve heard really good things about, but never had the chance to experience: Terminator Resistance.

It’s a weird thing to describe a game as “alright” or “not too bad”, because it almost feels like you’re taking the piss. But it’s a totally fair thing to pick up an indie game or a AA game, have no expectations, and then happily have those surpassed. And that’s what I kept hearing from people about Resistance. There was a hope that it might be fun in a “this is kind of bad but enjoyable” way, because licensed games have the potential to go south really fast.

But Resistance has quests, a bunch of systems that obviously took inspiration from Fallout, and more content than you’d expect. The PS5 and Xbox Series X re-release of the game dropped a couple of weeks ago, and once again barely anyone has really talked about it. We had some coverage recently, which was nice to see because Resistance never really got the PR or marketing push it should have had.

I’ve been really keen to spend some time with Resistance, because media and and fans of gaming in general often skip over pleasant surprises like this. And given that I’ve got Monday off — god bless annual leave — I’m looking forward to seeing the end credits by then.

What are you playing this weekend? Also, feel free to ask questions about [REDACTED] in the comments that I can’t answer. I promise I’ll get around to them when I can (it’s up to you to guess what it is).


  • Is [REDACTED] Biomutant? I immediately switched off that when I saw a gameplay demo that had the narrator interjecting with with spoken sound effects for combat and it shat me to tears after only a minute of watching, let alone playing for hours.
    I’ve think I’ve heard since that there’s an option to turn that off? Possibly in response to demo reactions like mine? I can only assume that idea was someone’s darling that they didn’t want to kill. Delays later, and the game approaches… I’m surprised I haven’t seen more deep dives into it, for something that’s coming in only a couple weeks.

    Me, I’m going to be playing more Genshin Impact this weekend. The recent 1.5 patch that added a tonne of story content has been the perfect opportunity for me to ignore all the min-max grinding for optimal F2P currency efficiency and just focus on all the stories I figured I’d tackle ‘later’ when I was done grabbing the low-hanging freemium fruit.

  • Black & White. I had leftover computer parts and made a frankenstein, but the ugly little guy can only handle games from 2004 and below

  • Tomorrow will be hectic between rolling FemShep in Legendary, and getting to poke at the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis closed beta.

    Luckily I beat Village last night so I’m able to be back on the internet again.

    (Yakuza 3 is still sadly waiting for me to get back to it)

  • I’ve just started playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It’s nice to see an actual Series X game on my Series X!

  • I will try to play a lot of…
    Call of Duty WW2 on PS4
    Assassins Creed Valhalla on PC
    Conan Exiles

    and I might play some other games as well
    The Outer Worlds (still haven’t finished it yet)
    Fallout 4
    Tropico 6
    Other Ubisoft games

  • I’ve been bribed with Judgement and have been playing my way through that for the last couple of days.

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