What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Horizon Zero Dawn

Given we’ve just had a decent look at how Horizon: Forbidden West is shaping up, it’s become a perfect weekend to grab a blanket, rug up and finish off some Horizon: Zero Dawn playthroughs.

My partner was mentioning only just recently how they wanted to finish off Horizon: Zero Dawn, which comes at a handy time. I had a playthrough on PC that I never finished because I got stuck in a weird battle, and I can’t really remember why I ended up walking away from it instead of just grinding through. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad time to get reacquainted with Aloy’s world. Horizon is still one of the tightest open world adventures ever made, with a solid story to boot.


Beyond that, another game on my list this weekend is the spiritual successor to Hexen, GRAVEN. I’ve always had a soft spot for HEXEN, a ’90s FPS that was criminally underappreciated for its time, perhaps even overshadowed. And when we’re in an age now where Metroidvanias are so common and people actively seek out the hub-and-spoke design in their games, it’s nice to see a retro shooter pick the torch back up.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Biomutant, Subnaitica Below Zero, Ark, Warframe and some Ratchet and Clank with my son.
    (The last game)

  • This weekend’s got me re-subbed to FFXIV and having another crack at completing the main story quest. I re-sub periodically every 6 months or so to level up my gathering/crafting jobs and I’m pretty much at the point where I’m locked out of expansion crafting content. (It’s such a shame you need to do combat classes to advance the story instead of crafting your way to victory.)

    The other thread about what’s coming up soon got me thinking about the ‘upcoming’ section of Steam and a bunch of super-cool-looking indie games that have demos that I can play before wishlisting the titles.

    A little pet self-education project I was thinking about, too:
    I’ve played a few different free games that were developed by university students. All of them were memorable and worthwhile experiences with impressive systems or art, and now I want to learn more about how many universities are posting their games to Steam and if there’s an easy way to collate them all, so I can play them all. And maybe add some custom user tags etc.

    • How far through the MSQ are you?

      I feel the opposite way in regards to Beastribe quests. I wish there was combat alternatives as opposed to crafting your way through them all since I burnt out on crafting in FFXI and WoW.

      I’ll probably keep on working on making my ME1 LE character. Doing the 4 playthroughs per character to MinMax stat allocation thanks to the three free Charm + Intimidate you get per playthrough if you do your choices the right way.

      Only doing the two characters that way, one Fem one Mal, but it’ll take a bit. ME2 will likely have two pairings each way. Liara+Garrus for Fem, and Tali+Jack for Mal.

      Other than that, usual quest and such. Having an artist doing the art design in the stream of a character for the books I’m writing (actually the followups to the three ones I’ve drafted) which has me really excited. Spinning my wheels waiting for PSO2:NGS otherwise!

      • I have literally no idea. I could not tell you anything about the quests to the point I am up to. The Scions are… an organization? And they got attacked and I had to cart some corpses around? I killed Ifrit? I have a mid-40s bard, and completed the uhm… pugilist/monk(?) and rogue quests (pirates fuckyeah!) and gave up on ninja because 1) it was a bit too Naruto finger puppets bullshit for my liking and 2) laaaaaaag. I have a 30 conjurer who turned into a white mage. That’s what I know. It’s been literally YEARS. I have badass crafters who can make gear for whatever combat class I end up needing to use, so that’s neat…

        • So you’re still in the vanilla content! Thats a ways to go to catch up with the three expansion packs. Apparently they streamlined the ‘horrible 100’ quests between the end of the ARR story and Heavensward. This last expansion they’ve had patches of content that are just for crafters, with getting to work with other crafters to rebuild a section of the city from the first expansion. The crafters in my FC were all in on that one and working hard to get the titles and rewards from it.

  • Just bought Persona 5 Royal, cos it was on special, I have never played anything like it, but already addicted.

  • The hope is to continue to push through Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition) but wife just got offered a job in rural Queensland (we are in Adelaide), so it will likely be home reno and cleaning to prepare it for renting. And maybe some job hunting for me.

  • ME:2
    After blitzing through 1, where i could just blitzkrieg every enemy and never die due to improvements in combat, going to 2, i have died alot.
    I went from zero deaths to 6-7 and i only just started act 2.

    • I died a bunch in my Hardcore playthrough of 1, entirely due to instakills from snipers. I don’t remember 2 having anything that annoying but I could be wrong!

      • Its more you HAVE to go into cover and cannot blitz enemies while using pulse shooting (no clips in the first game) like i did in game one (on casual) cause of the improvements, as i went straight from 1 to 2, i sometimes forget i cant play that way and end up paying for it.

  • Actually playing through Horizon for the first time, just got a new monitor with hdr1000 as well. This game is absolutely stunning I just wish they’d release a 60fps patch on ps5. Thought they might during the forbidden west stream but no luck.

  • The usual f2p… Magic The Gathering Arena, Mechwarrior Online, Rocket League. Also Cities Skylines because Epic sales. Maybe find something worthwhile on my series X and PS5.

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