What It’s Like To Explore Mass Effect For The First Time

What It’s Like To Explore Mass Effect For The First Time
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Most games will only give you that magical moment once. That moment might stay with you forever, but once you’ve had it, you never get to go back. Fortunately, Leah has never had that moment with any of the Mass Effect games — so we’re going to see what it’s like to relive the series through her eyes today.

That’s what we’ll be kicking off with for our stream this week. Leah will be taking us through the game on PC, and I’m curious to see how all the beats land for her as someone who never experienced Mass Effect before. (I still remember the day I finished playing Mass Effect 2 — I’d bought it on a Steam sale for $10, and when the end credits rolled I said out loud, wow, I really should have paid a lot more for that game.)

So we’ll see how it all holds up, and whether those characters resonate the same way in 2021 as they did over a decade ago. We’ll be playing from 2.30pm-3.30pm AEDT as per usual. You can follow along below or directly through our Twitch channel. You can find the live chat underneath the embed as well.

You can join our Aussie Discord server too! We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Lot of chill, funny folk in there.


  • I’m always interested in how people approach the Citadel. Opening the game with a camouflaged optional lore tutorial was genius. If you’re like me and you want to know everything, you want to go through every dialogue option, then you’ll naturally lean into that. It takes forever but you’ll enjoy it all and come out satisfied with all the juicy lore you wanted.
    If you’re like some of my friends and don’t really talk to NPCs or care that much you still get the quick version, ‘these are your races, roughly what they’re about, how things work around here, a bunch of keywords so everything makes sense,’ delivered through a relatively short story and then it’s off into the galaxy.
    You learn about the genophage on the Citadel. If it interests you then you learn quite a lot. If it doesn’t you still know roughly ‘these dudes have this problem’. So when you get to a part where the Krogan matter you experience this cool thing being expanded on that you were interested in.
    If you weren’t that interested in it you’re not punished. You still know the core motivations so you can enjoy moving through the shallow end. If this context changes your mind and suddenly interested all the information is still on the table. I know it, so I play at the correct pace, my friends don’t care much so they’re moving at the correct pace too, and anyone who stops to learn late is engaged with the new lore they’re learning so they don’t mind that they’re moving at a slow pace.

    No matter how you handle it you exit the Citadel knowing exactly how much your Shep should know about the universe around them. Overall the game is deeply flawed but I really think the way they handled the Citadel is was perfection.

  • I played the games only once when they first come out so it’s pretty much a first time play through. Taking it real slow, talking to everyone, reading everything.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how I feel about me3 ending, at the time I enjoyed it and was surprised with the hate that dosnt seem to have eased in the years since.

    • I enjoyed the ending of ME3. It was perfect for my mostly renegade Shep. It also made sense as the crumbs of it were there since ME1 for those that were paying attention. The Enhanced edition just spelt that out for people slowly and held their hands, and added in the various epilogues which weren’t really needed.

      That and the funniest take that at the haters if they chose to fire a shot then. I remember people just completely losing their minds and complaining about getting the new worst ending that way.

      • If I recall, it wasn’t even obvious what the final choices in the game were so I wasn’t able to ponder what my choice would be. Unfortunately the only way to do a re-do would be to re-fight the final combat section of the game. On the highest difficulty setting that is beyond a joke. It’s one of the lowest levels of Hell.

  • This topic would make for an interesting article but since the new player is doing it for Twitch, with a companion and probably keen to be entertaining while keeping an eye on the number of viewers, I don’t think that context is ideal. I’d rather read the thoughts of someone playing it on their own and at their own pace and for the length of time that they want to play it that day.

    Will Leah remember this experience fondly in years to come? Would they rather have played the game solo, like it was intended to be played?

    The Twitch treatment would be more suited to multi-player games, I think.

  • What’s it like to play Mass Effect for the first time? Well, seeing as I played Mass Effect 2 on PS3 first because the official line was that the first game would never be released on Sony, it was like: “For fuck’s sake! This should have been released first!”.

    ME2 was more polished and had less bugs, if I recall. I didn’t get to have the feeling when playing ME2 for the first time that “Wow! This is taking the game to another level!”.

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