World Of Warships Adds Very Bored King Kong And Godzilla

World Of Warships Adds Very Bored King Kong And Godzilla
Screenshot: Wargaming / Kotaku

In World of Warships and its console counterpart, World of Warship: Legends, players compete in fairly realistic naval battles featuring historically accurate battleships and weapons. So it’s a bit odd that Godzilla and King Kong have been added to the game as part of a new event. Even weirder, they look bored by it all.

Announced back in April as part of a tie-in with the recently released movie Godzilla Vs Kong, this new event brings the two iconic monsters into the free-to-play naval combat game. But not as exciting boss enemies for players to take on or as some wild raid folks have to defeat. Instead, these two legendary cinema creatures just sort of chill out on top of special boats.

It all makes sense given that Godzilla Vs Kong features imagery of the monsters fighting on top of a big battleship, which was featured in a bunch of trailers, posters, and clips advertising the movie. World of Warships is a game that features big battleships, after all. I can almost see the meeting where this was pitched. At any rate, after years of developing a game filled with realistic boats, bridges, and weapons, getting to create two giant, fictional monsters was probably a blast for the developers.

Sticking these two on top of boats and having them move around a bit while you play feels like a bit of a missed opportunity for a promotional tie-in to me. These are supposed to be giant, unstoppable, god-like beasts, but here they are, watching you and your friends fight BigBoy65 and AssmanXX1994.

If you want to get your hands on Kong or Godzilla (or both) in World of Warships, you’ll need to buy some special loot crates and hope you are lucky enough to get one of these titans. Or you could just buy the “Titans: Large Pack” for $US150 ($191). It comes with both monsters and two big custom ships for them to ride around on, plus some other goodies.

Screenshot: Wargaming / KotakuScreenshot: Wargaming / Kotaku

This isn’t the first time the game has toyed around with adding non-authentic items and characters to big battleships. Last year, World of Warships added Transformers to the game too.

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