This Mobile Game Developer Is Taking Game Requests On TikTok And Nothing Is Off Limits

This Mobile Game Developer Is Taking Game Requests On TikTok And Nothing Is Off Limits
Image: TikTok

An indie developer is taking mobile game requests on TikTok and the results are something truly iconic.

Dan ( is a solo developer who has created more than 80 games so far. And if that wasn’t already impressive enough, he’s also entirely self-taught and promotes the fact that anyone can learn this stuff for free using Google and YouTube.

In addition to developing the new Titans 3D game, which has been picked up and published by Voodoo, he also takes requests — even the batshit crazy ones.

For example, here’s a game in which you throw hotdogs at people. first tiktok – comment was removed – download on insta ???? give me more ideas ????????♬ original sound – 1Dan

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, this one features pregnant women who fight each other using their offspring.

Yes. These women are quite literally firing babies out like machine guns. It’s truly wild stuff.

@1dan.ioReply to @kikipong ???????? I feel like this is going too far.. Comment more game ideas! ????♬ original sound – 1Dan

Or this one, in which you can throw paper balls at your teacher.

@1dan.ioReply to @genlee_official Actually made this one a while ago (before the copy HS came out). The name is “Classroom Battle!” Comment game ideas ????????♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Dan has quickly amassed a following of nearly 300,000 on TikTok for his quirky games, with many fans pointing out that they’ve actually already downloaded some of his games without realising.

@1dan.ioReply to @yoursisissus 6 years of work and passion 🙂♬ Crazy Train – Snubby J

In addition to being a source of serotonin straight into my veins, Dan’s account also proves that it’s possible to learn coding and video game design skills without having to spend thousands of dollars on courses or expensive software.

Provided you’ve got a computer and access to the internet, there’s nothing stopping any of us from living our best developer lives.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go teach myself how to build mobile games.

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