Activision Hires Yet Another Former Republican Big Wig

Activision Hires Yet Another Former Republican Big Wig
Dixton (left) shakes hands with Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg. (Photo: Pool, Getty Images)

It seems that Activision has a type. After hiring former George W. Bush-era counterterrorism appointee Frances F. Townsend and controversial Trump administration member Brian Bulatao in March, the mega-publisher has now rounded out its ranks with a third ex-member of a Republican Presidential administration: former George W. Bush White House lawyer Grant Dixton.

Activision disclosed the hiring in a securities filing yesterday, noting that previous chief legal officer Chris Walther “will be succeeded by Grant Dixton, who will be joining the Company from The Boeing Company, where he serves as Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary and a member of the Executive Council.” Activision did not mention Dixton’s previous three-year post as associate counsel to the President of the United States.

Compared to Townsend, who now also works on the legal side of things for Activision, and Bulatao, who is now the company’s chief administrative officer, Dixton seems to have kept a lower public profile. While Townsend gained a reputation as a torture apologist and Bulatao a “bully” in their respective previous positions, Dixton’s most notable headline-grabbing moment occurred in 2005 when he went after The Onion — which you might recognise from this very G/O Media network of sites — for using the Presidential seal in one of its satirical articles.

“I’m surprised the President deems it wise to spend taxpayer money for his lawyer to write letters to The Onion,” then-editor in chief Scott Dikkers wrote to Dixton at the time, according to The New York Times (via some guy).

It remains to be seen if Dixton will go after satirical sites that use the Call of Duty logo with similar rigour.



  • Vladimir Putin resigns from Russian Presidency and politics and takes up new position with Activision.
    Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick has also been hospitalised due to an unknown ailment. The treating medical team have said that Bobby’s condition has strong parallels with radiation poisoning.

  • Hey Nathan, did you know Republicans work in the same places you do? In fact, most game companies have republicans on staff, Because in the real world people don’t care about who you vote for, politics is not some zero-sum game. Is this article you trying to imply someone supporting republicans doesn’t deserve employment?

    It’s not surprising really, I mean in your workplace if someone was openly republican you and your cabal would do their best to get them fired.

    • I would say the normal thing is to hire people who havent worked for either, I mean these arent people who identify as republicans, they are people who actually worked for the republican party. How many people could possibly fit this criteria either as a Dem or a Republican, you wouldnt think it would be more than a few thousand out of the 300 million population.

      Usually these people will get cushy jobs with whoever they helped get the most handouts as a reward for their service and considering Activision despite earning billions of dollars actually receives tax credits perhaps the two things are connected.

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