All The Pre-E3 2021 Leaks

All The Pre-E3 2021 Leaks
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Officially, E3 doesn’t start until June 12. But leaks don’t follow a schedule. So for those out there who love spoilers or who hate waiting for news, we’ve rounded up all the pre-E3 2021 leaks into one convenient place.

It feels weird to put a spoiler warning here, but I know some folks care so… E3 spoilers below! You’ve been warned.

Two Point Campus

Screenshot: Two Point Studios / Microsoft Screenshot: Two Point Studios / Microsoft

The sequel to Two Point Hospital seems to have leaked out into the wild a bit early via a now-deleted Microsoft Store listing. Two Point Campus looks to have the same art style and zany humour as Two Point Hospital, but instead of making a big medical facility, you’ll be in charge of building and running a university. No release date info was leaked, but if it already has a store page it could be very soon. I expect an official announcement at the Microsoft E3 event. If not, I would assume it gets revealed not long from now.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Image: Marvel Image: Marvel

Back in 2017, we reported that the next Eidos Montreal game was not a Deus Ex sequel but instead a Guardians of the Galaxy game. This still-in-development game will most likely be the big “World Premiere from Eidos-Montreal” that Square Enix teased on Twitter and part of the big, multi-year deal the publisher made with Marvel back in early 2017.

Team Ninja’s Final Fantasy Spin-Off

Image: Team Ninja Image: Team Ninja

As reported by Fanbyte last month, Team Ninja is working with Square Enix on a new action-RPG Final Fantasy spin-off game. According to the report, it might be subtitled “Origin” and is heavily expected to be a part of Square Enix’s upcoming E3 event. Check out Fanbyte’s original story for more info.

The Next Borderlands Game

Screenshot: 2k Games / Gearbox Screenshot: 2k Games / Gearbox

There have been small leaks here and there over the last few weeks that point toward a reveal of the next Borderlands game during Summer Game Fest, a pre-E3 event hosted by Geoff Keighley. First, a Reddit leak that contained a possible title, “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands,” was confirmed to be real by former Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier. Folks also found a Gearbox-owned trademark for Wonderlands and later dug up Wonderlands references in an official 2K-owned site. All signs point towards the next Borderlands game being revealed later today at Summer Game Fest.

Marvel-Themed Turn-Based Game From XCOM Devs

Screenshot: 2K Games / Firaxis Screenshot: 2K Games / Firaxis

Another thing included in that Reddit leak was news of a Marvel-themed turn-based strategy game. Codenamed “CODA,” it’s supposedly being developed by Firaxis and will star Marvel characters. As previously mentioned, this leak has been confirmed by various folks, but it’s still very possible that some of the rumoured games don’t show up at E3 this year. (Or get cancelled before they ever see the light of day!) So if you are a big Marvel fan and love XCOM, be prepared that this one might not be announced quite yet.

Things Can Change!

Image: ESA Image: ESA

Keep this in mind: E3 leaks can sometimes be wrong or not entirely accurate. Plans change, and in a world still suffering from covid-19, anything can happen. So while we are confident that these games are real and will probably be announced during the (too) long E3 2021 season, don’t get too excited or go making bets with folks.

If you want to watch E3 and all the various pre and post-shows and events to see if these leaks are accurate yourself, I recommend checking out our wonderful E3 schedule to keep track of everything. You can also check out all our E3 coverage and news here. Bookmark and get ready for a lot of news, announcements, and trailers.

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