Amazing Spider-Man’s New Era Brings Back Ben Reilly as Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man’s New Era Brings Back Ben Reilly as Spider-Man

Ben Reilly already had a very wild legacy at Marvel Comics, but his return a few years ago in Clone Conspiracy — and his spinoff series as the Scarlet Spider once more — only added to a backstory that, even by comic book superheroes’ most egregious standards, was a bit bonkers. Ben’s pushing all that aside though in a new age for Amazing Spider-Man — and he’s also pushing aside former protagonist Peter Parker.

In the wake of the news that current Amazing scribe and former Captain America/Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer would be departing the series (following a deal with newsletter platform Substack to go do… something at the company), Marvel has officially unveiled a swath of new talent that will join the Spider-Man book team to craft the latest era for one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

It’s an era, however, that will not be led by your usual friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Helmed by Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells — with more artist announcements to come — The Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond arc will begin in Amazing Spider-Man #75, and sees Ben return as the book’s main protagonist.

Wearing a new suit (which you can see below) that evokes the last time he was officially Spider-Man, the new run teases tough times ahead for Peter Parker that will seemingly have him question if he’s up to the great power and greater responsibility of being the spectacular Spider-Man. Can his clone overcome those issues and rise above his estranged sibling? Has everything Ben Reilly lived, died, and lived again through prepared him to once again be Spider-Man?

Image: Patrick Gleason/Marvel Comics

We’ll begin finding out in August, with a new story in Marvel’s Spider-Man/Venom for Free Comic Book Day will set the stage for Ben’s new age later this year, when Amazing Spider-Man #75 kicks things off in October.