The Among Us-Shaped McNugget Just Hit $130,000

The Among Us-Shaped McNugget Just Hit $130,000
Image: Innersloth

If you ever doubted the popularity of Among Us this stupidly expensive chicken nugget shaped like a crewmate should put an end to that. When we last checked in with the Among Us chicken nugget auction it was worth around $43,000. This number has now surpassed $130,000 ($US100,000).

The nugget is climbing in popularity thanks to two prominent internet factions – Among Us fans and BTS fans. It was found in a special BTS combo meal that McDonald’s is currently selling in partnership with the popular K-Pop band.

The BTS combo meal includes chicken McNuggets, fries, a drink, and sweet chilli and cajun sauces. But this meal included a little something extra – an imposter if you will.

among us chicken nugget
Image: Polizna via eBay

After finding their very rare crewmate-shaped snack, the owner posted it for sale on eBay. It’s described as an ‘authentic Among Us shaped Chicken McNugget.’

The nugget has an unmistakable likeness to the iconic characters from Among Us. The seller, Polizna, even told CNET in an interview that the nugget features an “odd bump on the back that would represent the backpack.”

The official Among Us Twitter account first called attention to the nugget when it was sitting at US$34,443.43.

The auction has quickly blown past that number with 184 bids. It sits at US$99,997 or $130,629 AUD at the time of writing. For the record, you could get 15,000 chicken McNugget packs with that money.

The McNugget’s condition is listed as “used” but the seller did say it would be delivered prior to its 14-day expiration date. It will also be shipped frozen and air-sealed to ensure freshness. They’ll even throw in some Szechuan dipping sauce after Xbox made a request.

The auction is due to end at 5:06 pm AEST. So, if you have a spare $130,000 hanging around you still have four hours to grab this genuine Among Us nugget. However, the seller only ships to the US so you would need a mail forwarding service to get it back to Australia.

Here’s hoping whoever scores the Among Us nugget doesn’t get stabbed in the back.


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