Arcade1Up Is Launching A Simpsons Arcade Cabinet

Arcade1Up Is Launching A Simpsons Arcade Cabinet
Image: Arcade1Up

E3 doesn’t just deliver next-gen consoles and games with 0 loading times: there’s also plenty of retro news. And one glorious bit of cheer: The Simpsons arcade game is coming back, in cabinet form.

Arcade1Up have launched a ton of cabinets this year already, including a Mortal Kombat trilogy cabinet and a new Pac-Man 12-in-1 3/4-sized cabinet. But for many people, neither of those will be able to match the Simpsons cabinet, which is launching internationally next month.

The original Simpsons arcade game was made by Konami and launched in 1991, so the cabinet marks the 30th anniversary of the side-scrolling brawler. Done in a style reminiscent to Double Dragon or Streets of Rage, players would take control of Marge, Bart, Lisa or Homer as they slapped their way through Springfield with skateboards, vacuum cleaners, Homer’s right hook and for whatever reason, Lisa’s lasso. (Why didn’t Lisa just have a saxophone?) Naturally, the Simpsons Arcade1Up cabinet is large enough that it’ll support a full four players, so plan your space accordingly.

The cabinet will actually ship with a second game, although that game won’t be announced until July 15 internationally, when pre-orders for the cabinet go live. There’s no local pricing at this stage, but the larger size Arcade1Up cabinets are generally all around the $1000 mark. The Wi-Fi enabled NBA Jam cabinet will set you back $1079 in Australia, while the Marvel vs Capcom bundle (that comes with a themed stool) is retailing for $1199.95. (You can also get an Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter World cabinet locally, if you’re into that.)


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