Everything Announced At The E3 2021 Bandai Namco Showcase

Everything Announced At The E3 2021 Bandai Namco Showcase
A bloody soldier confronting an unseen evil in House of Ashes. (Screenshot: Bandai Namco)

E3 2021 has nearly drawn to a close, but before the killer week in games ends, Bandai Namco has something to say. It’s been a relatively quiet year for the company, but between announcements like Elden Ring and the upcoming releases of Scarlet Nexus and House of Ashes, it’s about to get very, very busy for the company.

Bandai’s E3 showcase focused on House of Ashes this year, but there wasn’t much in the way of new announcements, sadly.

Here’s everything Bandai Namco announced during its E3 2021 showcase.

House of Ashes has a spooky new trailer

“An ancient horror has awoken from its slumber, hungry for blood.”

That sure is a strong opener, and one that’ll get a lot of people on board with the latest game in the Dark Pictures anthology.

The new trailer revealed during the showcase features soldiers falling into an ancient, sandy pit and uncovering an evil lurking down there.

Spooky stuff!

The game is out October 22, 2021.

It’s set in the Iraq War

The Iraq War is still relatively raw in the memories many, but House of Ashes will use this backdrop to tell a tale about lost history and demonic entities. Throughout the game, you’ll traverse a crumbling catacomb and attempt to uncover the horrors hiding beneath the surface of the sands.

There’s new difficulty settings

Unlike the last Dark Pictures game, House of Ashes will have a difficulty slider.

The sand demon is called Pazuzu

House of Ashes will focus on a demon called Pazuzu, which is actually a Mesopotamian demon representing storm, wind and drought.

That was it for the showcase, unfortunately. No major surprises or big news out of this one.

Thanks for joining us for Bandai Namco’s E3 2021 showcase!

You can find all the news out of E3 2021 at Kotaku Australia or catch up with all the action via the E3 Expo hub.


  • Hmmmm, seems Bandai made a mistake and didn’t announce Xenoverse 3, maybe somebody could remind them?!

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