Biomutant Is Being Reworked To Fix Pacing, Loot, Combat And That Annoying Narrator

Biomutant Is Being Reworked To Fix Pacing, Loot, Combat And That Annoying Narrator
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Biomutant is a game with potential that’s bogged down by strange choices and game-breaking bugs. In the week since it released, it’s been criticised for an annoying narrator, poorly-paced dialogue, unbalanced combat and FOV issues — but a new patch is set to address these concerns.

In a Twitter update, the team behind Biomutant confirmed they were currently working on a major update for the game that would incorporate common complaints from players. “The update will include bug fixes and changes based on community feedback,” the team wrote.

“We are working on the pacing of dialogues, narrator settings, difficulty settings, video settings like depth of field and motion blur, loot and enemy tuning as well as sound and combat.”

Many of these issues were raised in reviews and later reiterated by fans who picked up the game.

It’s great to see developers Experiment 101 acknowledging these problems and committing to working out the kinks because Biomutant really could be something great. It’s not a perfect game by any stretch, but it features a unique game world and mechanics that are occasionally brilliant.

In its current form, Biomutant is a middle-of-the-road adventure hampered by its over-exuberant narrator, pacing problems and annoying glitches. The planned update won’t fix every problem the game has (the overall narrative still needs some work) but it will go a long way towards improving the Biomutant experience.

Between mis-steps, the game is a beautiful, fascinating journey and one that deserved a bit more polish before it was sent out to the masses. Luckily, we live in a time when games don’t have to stay in the same, semi-broken state they released in. Heck, we live in a time when a game’s narrative can be completely overhauled by patches.

Biomutant has a long way to go before it’s the shiny, spit-polished adventure it can be, but it’s good to know change is on the way. If all the bugs, glitches and pacing issues turned you away from the game, keep an eye on the Biomutant Twitter for updates. There’s no current date for the game’s first major patch, but it’ll be a welcome addition when it lands.


  • Hopefully they won’t pull a Disco Elysium and will let GOG keep earlier versions for those that enjoyed overly enthusiastic narrators!

    • With any luck that shouldn’t be an issue – the complaints I saw were more that that slider wasn’t very effective – so hopefully it will be more like leaving the maximum narrator as-is but scaling it properly at the other end of the slider setting.

  • I’m surprised that people saw an open world game and expected a comprehensive story. Based on prior experience with the genre, you rarely get both a good open world experience and a decent story.

    • Must be a relatively new gamer then, because I’ve played too many to think of and RPG’s are kinda known for their grand storytelling.

      • I didn’t say RPG. I said “open world game”. The two aren’t the same thing, even though some open world games are RPGs.

    • Must be a relatively new reader then, because I’ve read too many to think of and this game is kinda known for its infuriating narration.

  • I remember being excited for the game and then I saw a single screen shot of the dialogue and went “nope, I am not touching that”

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