Why People Think Blue Box Is A Fake Game Studio Run By Hideo Kojima

Why People Think Blue Box Is A Fake Game Studio Run By Hideo Kojima
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The world is full of crazy conspiracies, some of them more harmful than others. The latest, which comes courtesy of Reddit, is a bit of a strange one — but it’s fascinating all the same. The crux of the theory is this: Blue Box Game Studios, which recently launched a trailer for new game Abandoned, is secretly a front for Hideo Kojima and his new Silent Hill game.

It’s a fun idea, right? But perhaps it’s more than a wacky theory. Whether you believe it or not, it’s hard to deny how compelling the evidence is. There is an element of the Charlie Kelly conspiracy meme in some of the theories posted online, but there are also some wild coincidences down the rabbit hole, too.

When Blue Box Game Studios originally posted the trailer for its upcoming PS5-exclusive survival sim Abandoned, the drama had yet to begin. It looked like your average survival horror set in a creepy, desolate forest. So far, so normal. But then Blue Box tweeted this:

… and all hell broke loose.

Now, the tweet itself is innocuous enough. Abandoned = something beginning with S and ending in L. Unfortunately, gamers love a good stretch and somehow this tweet was interpreted as Abandoned = Silent Hill. 

Shortly after the status was posted and commenters reared up, Blue Box apologised and said, “It was never our intention to tease the name as Silent Hill” and confirmed emphatically it had no relation to Konami or Hideo Kojima. But of course, that hasn’t stopped the wild conspiracy theories flying.

Beyond the actual gameplay, many claim Abandoned is a secret Silent Hill game due to all the ‘weird’ coincidences around the studio. You can see all the evidence catalogued via Reddit, but some is more compelling than the rest.

There are some really wild leaps like the fact that studio founder Hasan Kahraman has the same initials as Hideo Kojima, and that Blue Box stands for BB, as in the ‘Bridge Babies’ from Kojima’s Death Stranding — but there are some ideas that’ll make you go, “hmm, maybe?”. Like the fact that fake studios were used to announce both Metal Gear Solid V and P.T. or that Blue Box was reportedly founded in 2015, right after P.T. was cancelled.

You can check all the suggestions for yourself in the Reddit master post, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to take the theories with a grain of salt. Much of the “damning” evidence is purely coincidental, and it’s more than likely Blue Box is just a small studio trying to promote its game in peace.

It is extremely fun to speculate, and the idea of a new Silent Hill is something worth salivating over — but it’s important to remember that the chatter is currently unconfirmed, and much of it is based on loose theories.

If the rumours turn out to be false, remember Blue Box is a company doing its best. Regardless of what Abandoned turns out to be, it looks like a very intriguing game that could turn out to be a real gem.

Only time will tell if these theories dissipate or the game turns into something wilder.


  • I love this sort of shit.
    Back in a dark place, in the time before Death Stranding came out, there was one guy notorious for his claims that DS was going to be the rest of MGS5 or something. He had images upon images of “evidence”, it was crazy.

    • It tends to annoy the heck out of me, but then again I was in the Bioware forums in the midst of the toxicity (trying to avoid it) of the Indocrination Theory zealots. The theory held that Shepherd was actually Indocrinated through the entirety of Mass Effect 3 and the game and its sequences were the process of Indocrination.

    • The venn diagram of people who thought Death Stranding was MGSV Chapter 3 or a new MGS and who think Abandoned is Silent Hill is almost, but not quite, a circle.

  • Bluebox really should come down harder on this conspiracy. Because they seem to be embracing it and its gonna blow back hard on them when the game comes out. Once people find out this is just a low quality survival horror people are gonna be mad and i dont think bluebox is ready for it.

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