Borderlands Spin-Off Wonderlands Stars Tiny Tina

Borderlands Spin-Off Wonderlands Stars Tiny Tina

Gearbox officially unveiled a new Borderlands game during Summer Game Fest’s Kickoff Live! event today. It’s not a sequel, nor a prequel, nor a cutesy phrase that honestly just means “prequel.” It’s a proper spin-off called Tiny Tina’s: Wonderlands, starring Tiny Tina. It’s out early 2022.

For the uninitiated, Tiny Tina is an effusive — either irritatingly or charmingly so, depending on who you ask — foul-mouthed child who first showed up in 2012’s Borderlands 2. She later received a dedicated expansion, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Unabashedly poking fun at Dungeons & Dragons, Tiny Tina played the role of dungeon master for a fantasy-themed twist on the Borderlands formula. (It ruled.) She showed up again as a side character in Borderlands 3. No two ways about it, she’s widely considered one of the more popular characters in the Borderlands franchise. It was only a matter of time before Gearbox cashed in big time on this one.

Wonderlands has all the trappings of a traditional Borderlands game: cel-shaded yet sickeningly gorey visuals, dialogue that wants you to laugh so bad, ha ha, aren’t we all having such fun? Oh, yeah, and you’ll have six guns. But you knew that already.

But there’s new stuff too, like spell-casting and customisable characters.

Ah, rats, just received word that I fumbled a key phrase two paragraphs up: It’s six bazillion guns. My bad!

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