Breath of the Wild 2’s First Gameplay Trailer: 7 Details Pouring Gasoline On Fan Theories

Breath of the Wild 2’s First Gameplay Trailer: 7 Details Pouring Gasoline On Fan Theories
Is this a villain, or is it perhaps the original hero of the story? (Screenshot: Nintendo)

Everyone holding their breath for any news pertaining to Breath of the Wild 2 can finally let out a big ol’ exhale because Nintendo finally gave us a look at what we’ll be doing in the RPG follow-up. But in all that excitement, it’s pretty easy to miss some finer details hiding in the absolutely packed trailer. Let’s take some time to dissect, shall we?

The trailer opens with Zelda falling, and later, we see parts of what appears to be Ganon’s dungeon rising into the air. But, I can’t be the only one who hears a weird warp sound around

Are these known locations?

Link’s glowing arm tells us our wandering hero will have new abilities, the likes of which may be

Nintendo knows why we’re really here: to make every Bokoblin’s life a living hell, ideally with the use of giant spiky metal balls. But, more curiously, it seems as if Link can chain different objects together for added fun. I can only imagine the possibilities for my favourite sport, Bokoblin Bowling.

Link having a freakin’ flamethrower is noteworthy in

We can clearly see that Link is now able to phase through solid objects. What I want to call attention to, though, is that right before we see this power activate, we also see a small puddle. That body of water then gets sucked up into a drop and disappears, almost making it seem like things are moving in reverse. Fans have noted that the warped music that plays here is

Does Link look different to you guys? Are those bangs? Changing up a character’s look is practically a given in a sequel, but in this case, it’s fuel for ample wild speculation. Is there a reason we never see Link’s face directly in this trailer? Is that because there’s more than one Link, perhaps from different timelines? Or, a fan-favourite

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