Everything Announced At The E3 2021 Capcom Conference

Everything Announced At The E3 2021 Capcom Conference
Image: Capcom
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So far, 2021 has been a great year for Capcom. Resident Evil: Village was a mega-hit for the company. Monster Hunter Rise has done just as well. When you pair these successes with upcoming releases like Monster Hunter Stories 2, Resident Evil Re:Verse and The Great Ace Attorney for Switch, you’ve got a recipe for a major, record-breaking year.

We already know much of what Capcom is going to talk about during today’s E3 2021 showcase (RE: Village, Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney), but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some surprises along the way. 

Could we see more about the Dragon’s Dogma franchise following its Netflix anime? Perhaps something for those thirsty DMC fans following the success of Devil May Cry 5? Stay tuned as we update this post live throughout the show. (You can also watch the Capcom presentation here.)

Update: Okay, sadly the Capcom conference turned out to be more of a recap than anything else, but there’s still some fantastic titles on the way! See below for the liveblog.

Resident Evil: Village is up first

Capcom celebrates the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil: Village by showcasing the success of the game with a neat flash-reel and a chat with game producer Tsuyoshi Kanda. Lady Dimitrescu gets a good showing, of course. Absolute star of the game.

It also turns out the multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse will go live next month, too! Great stuff.

Development has also begun on a new DLC chapter for Resident Evil: Village, so you can expect to see more gross-out goodness on the way.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin gets a new trailer

The latest trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has been revealed, showing off new fighting gameplay and more about the titular ‘Wings of Ruin’. It also dives into the game’s Kinship Stones and how they form bonds between Monsters and Riders.

It also introduces us to brand new characters, Monsters and more.

We can’t wait for this game, and the latest trailer has us hyped.

In a post-trailer hype reveal, it was also revealed the Palamute from Monster Hunter Rise would be available in the game from July 15. There’s also a bunch of neat pre-order bonuses, as well as three amiibos on the way.

As a reminder, the game is available worldwide on July 9.

Monster Hunter Rise is getting new content

monster hunter rise
Image: Monster Hunter Rise (2nd Demo)

Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 are going to share a bunch of crossovers going forward, including new gameplay features in Rise like egg gathering.

There’ll also be a bunch of new event quests coming to Rise including battles against giant monsters.

As expected, there’s also more paid DLC on the way too, so you can keep on battling forever and ever, and ever.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles gets another showing

The new trailer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on the Switch is filled with interesting British accents, but it’s also stylish, over-the-top and looks like a bunch of fun. If you’ve played any of the Ace Attorney games, you know what to expect here.

Detective work, deduction and lots of shouting on the courtroom floor.

It’s available on July 27 for Nintendo Switch.

This go around, there’s two flash new features Capcom wants to show off: Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination.

Dance of Deduction is all about examining strange situations and using logic to overcome problems and create deductions (ie. the man wielding the scissors might not be a good guy, after all). After you formulate your suspicion, your ideas will be put to the test by your companion Ryunosuke.

Summation Examination is all about convincing a courtroom that your verdict is right, and plays out in typical Ace Attorney style. You’ll need to convince every juror of your case, and fight for justice along the way.

Capcom Pro Tour closes out the show

capcom esports e3 2021
Image: E3 2021 / Capcom

The Capcom showcase ends on a word from the local esports champs Vicious and RobTV. They take us through upcoming tournament pools and how players can make it all the way through to the Capcom cup.

There’s 32 events in the Capcom Pro Tour coming up this year, a good sign the world is going back to normal. You’ll be able to catch them all via the Capcom Fighters Twitch and YouTube channels.

Thanks for joining us for the E3 2021 Capcom conference!

Stay tuned to Kotaku Australia for updates on the rest of E3 and all the goodness coming your way soon.


  • Its disappointing that theres no detail about the Village DLC besides ‘We’re doing it!’. But given that it was sold as part of the season pass, that it is happening was a given.

    The only other thing that in theory I should be interested in is the Great Ace Attorney games, but my early love of the series still hasn’t recovered from Apollo Justice and the terrible ‘They’re no really Yakuza, they’re fans of Japan’ localisation.

  • This was a massive disappointment to me, because I’d been going over their list of IP last night, imagining all kinds of great things.

    MH Rise on next-gen/PC?
    Dragon’s Dogma 2?
    Okami 2 / remake/reboot?
    Onimusha uhhhh 5?
    New Lost Planet? Breath of Fire? Hell… even Steel Battalion, VR maybe?

    Nope. DLC for existing titles and new trailers for already-announced titles. Booo.

    The moral of the story is don’t get your expectations up.

    • Rise is already confirmed to be coming to PC in 2022, so it’s not surprising they wouldn’t mention it here.

      None of the other games you mention were even rumoured to be shown, so I’m not sure why you’d be disappointed they weren’t there.

      • You don’t seem to understand. I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a surprise. They didn’t announce anything they hadn’t already talked about? No shit. That’s what I’m disappointed by. Those titles were just examples of what kinds of things an unannounced surprise could have been… but wasn’t.

    • For a company that makes so much with such a wide range it is a bit sad when they do these events and it’s like ‘oh, it’s a big one, they talked about three games’. I’m not complaining, at the end of the day we get plenty of great stuff out of Capcom, but so much springs to mind when I hear the name Capcom that even some of their stronger events feel really underwhelming.

  • They’ve just dropped a whole bunch of major releases and with two more this month. If anything I was only expecting more details on Ace Attorney and MHR and we got some more details on both.

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