Charizard Base Set Pokémon Card Gets Reissue For 25th Anniversary

Charizard Base Set Pokémon Card Gets Reissue For 25th Anniversary

Few Pokémon cards are more iconic than the original Charizard. The card, called a “base set Charizard,” is indeed quite rare but not for long. Today, the Pokémon Company announced it will issue a “close remake” this fall.

Why is the base set Charizard card so special?

The October reissue comes as the Pokémon Company celebrates Pokémon’s 25th birthday. It’s an iconic card fitting of the landmark celebration. You know the one: giant dragon, set against a swirling red background, spewing a river of flame at seemingly nothing at all. A YouTuber wore it during a fight against a boxer earlier this month and then claimed it was worth a million bucks. But not just any Charizard card is so unique. The first print run lacks a shadow border around the art that was added to later copies. Rare cards also sport a star symbol in the bottom right corner. And that doesn’t even get into the added uniqueness of a holographic card.

What is the Pokémon Trading Card Game Celebrations collection?

The reprinted Charizard will be part of the trading card game’s new Celebrations collection, according to the Pokémon Company. The lineup includes a number of packs and memorabilia. In addition to the Charizard card, reissues of other notable cards, including Tapu-Lele-GX and Umbreon with a little star sign next to it, will come out as well. All of these will be available in the new booster packs.

When does the Celebrations collection come out?

The collection starts rolling out on October 8, with the “premium” and “ultra-premium” packs coming out on October 22. It’s rolling out amid a major resurgence of popularity in Pokémon cards. In February, the Pokémon Company struggled to keep up with card printing orders as a result of increased demand. In May, after a series of fights broke out among grown-arse adults, Target opted to temporarily halt selling Pokémon cards altogether.

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How much is a Charizard Pokémon card worth?

The new Charizard cards likely won’t be worth nearly as much on the resale market as the original ones. Earlier this year, one mint condition Charizard sold for $US390,000 ($500,214) (or about the price of a 75-square-foot studio apartment in downtown San Francisco). In 2019, the rapper Logic paid more than $US183,000 ($234,716) for a similar card.

Man, I gotta see if I have one in my parents’ attic somewhere.


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