Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Is A Hot Mess

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Is A Hot Mess
Image: Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance dropped on Steam on Tuesday night and the reviews, well, the reviews are… really something.

According to the product description, Dark Alliance promised to be an “explosive action brawler filled with real-time combat and dynamic co-op.” In reality, it has been described as “clunky and horrible for a hack and slash action game.”

In less than 24 hours, the game has already been hit with so many negative reviews that D&D has been forced to address the issue on Twitter, asserting that developers are “listening to all of your feedback and working through updates that will keep making the game better.”

While some people are reporting positive experiences with the game (though, these reviews are few and far between), a vast majority of reviews seem to echo the same issue: the game doesn’t work.

“IF IT WORKED, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance would be a bland third person dungeon crawler with some neat ideas and quite a few rough edges. IF IT WORKED, it might be a 2.5 / 5 star game. But it doesn’t work. The AI is outright broken,” one Steam reviewer wrote.

“Game is extremely, extremely unfinished and unpolished. Vermintide did everything better years ago. Don’t waste your money,” another added.

A third reviewer went so far as to reference Jesus himself in an effort to warn other players against this game.

“Jesus christ do not buy Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance. It’s a 3/10 at it’s best. My Friends and myself tried it two different times on two different days and both times we found the game to be uninspired and not fun to play. It loves none of it’s ideas and feels less than half baked. Even if it did at least pay attention to it’s own ideas, what’s left is still a half baked combat system, terrible scaling, blank characters, and a lot of minor jank. Not even worth a sale imo.”

At the time of publishing, the game has an abysmal 44% rating on Steam out of a whopping 1,035 reviews.

Overall, the game just feels incredibly unfinished. But if you’re wanting specifics, it crashes, has connectivity issues with online play and is basically just a really poorly designed game.

Additionally, the in-game AI doesn’t even recognise you unless you’re within a certain distance of your target, which means you’re basically just shooting blanks.

Don’t believe the reviews? Take a look for yourself.

Upper Echelon Gamers went as far as to claim they “cannot actually tell what is a glitch and what is intended.”

Australian YouTuber SkillUp featured more bugs, including segments where the AI simply refused to move or respond.

If you’re interested, you can buy the game on Steam for $59.95. I’m not going to stop you, I’m not your boss. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass across PC and consoles, so that might be the better shout.


  • Played for a few hours last night with a mate, thanks free day 1 game pass! Had a few minor issues but it was a lot of fun.

    I thought the combat was slightly clunky but got better as I did and I unlocked new skills. Gotta say it’s only as clunky as Jedi fallen order, and people seem ok with that..

  • whats this? a D&D game that sucks? surely you jest, Lavender.
    the only D&D game thats ever been good and not an isometric turn based RPG has been Capcom’s D&D side scroller beat-em up D&D:Chronicles of Mystara

    • So you have no clue what D&D games are out there and have never played any then? Because I’ve played plenty of good D&D based games over the past 20 years, but then again I actually play games unlike yourself.

  • Been playing a bit on Xbox. Def a bit busted in some ways and to be fair i’ve only played a few hours, but it really isn’t as bad as the reviews are sayinh imo. Def lacks some polish and the AI is a bit shit sometimes, but most of this will be fixed with a quick patch I reckon.

    Having said that, I’d be pretty peeved if I paid retail for it and it weren’t on Game Pass.

  • I can tell you that the game definately is as bad as the reviews say it is, maybe even worse.
    I fired up the game and immedietely noticed issues before even starting to play.
    Here are some of the issues i encountered.

    – Changing settings – the settings don’t actually change properly or show the wrong thing. I encountered this with voice chat for instance, it said it was on push to talk – it wasn’t. I changed it to disabled, and then the next game i played it was back on even though the settings still say that it wasn’t. Made for some really annoying echo when in a party chat, which it also cannot detect unlike all other games. Restarting did not fix this.

    – Changing to online mode – the first time i played i could not switch to online mode, it went through the process and just kept going back to offline mode so i could not play co-op. Restarting the game fixed this.

    – Going through the portal – the first time i tried going through the portal to a stage i selected on the map the countdown ended but i was still at the starting area. The portal would not activate and then the map would no longer work either. Restarting fixed this.

    – The control scheme – I tried kb and mouse and it was awful. Ended up switching to controller but it is still super clunky and buggy. Abilities would randomly not work and moving your character around was more like a up down left right thing instead of a fluid analogue 360 degree thing. You can really tell this game was made to be top down and then they just switched the viewing angle at the last minute.

    – The AI – wow it is shocking. You can literally just stand back a bit and range attack them and they will not move. I killed multiple mini bosses just by shooting arrows whilst stading still. There are heaps of areas where you are above the enemy and they will not look up or attack during combat. Even close range many times i noticed them just standing there doing nothing.

    – Playing online – There is no party invite option in the game at all lol which is hilarious. You need to use the xbox/playsation/steam invite option but it doesnt tell you this at all. We also both needed to restart before it wold work kept getting failed to join messages. Also I got booted twice during only an hour of gameplay that i could stand no more.

    The list goes on, but i couldnt being myself to play anymore.

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