Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced By Kojima

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced By Kojima
Wait, I thought the orange box was a Valve thing. (Screenshot: Kojima Productions)

Revealed today during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live! event, a director’s cut of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is coming, with a full reveal weeks away.

Game maker and Geoff Keighley’s good friend Hideo Kojima appeared in a prerecorded segment during the show to introduce a clip of the upcoming director’s cut with a clip starring Death Stranding protagonist Sam Porter Bridges pulling a Solid Snake with an empty box of oranges.

And that’s all the information we get for now. Look for a full reveal of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut in the coming weeks.


  • Yooooooo are we going to just ignore all the heeeeeeavy Metal Gear Solid references in this trailer?
    The music, the guard’s actions, the setting with a lift in the back, mouse and crawl/vent space, the box, the orange box?, with the ‘handle with care’ reference on it?, Norman jumping into the box!… Norman leaving the box behind…

    Is it a reference to the rumoured bluepoint MGS remake? Hideo asking them to take care with it? Suggesting it is in good hands? Or is it his way of saying he’s leaving it behind now, despite a desire to jump back into that (sand)box?

    Typical friggin Kojima… More questions than anything else. And he’s probably just trolling us all.

  • I honestly can’t think of a reason to play it again but I have a feeling there’s gonna be something.

  • It’s a weird situation because I feel like the entire point of Death Stranding is that it was already the director’s cut. It was unfiltered Kojima.

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