ELEX 2 Announced With Metal As Fuck Trailer

ELEX 2 Announced With Metal As Fuck Trailer
Image: THQ Nordic (YouTube)

E3 2021 has been lacking a little in the “metal as fuck” department. Fortunately, THQ Nordic and ELEX 2 are here to correct that oversight.

The original ELEX was a game you had to work very hard to love. It was the essence of Eurojank: a punishingly difficult RPG made harder by some atrocious lag, glitches galore, rubbish AI, basically zero balance, dodgy performance, consistent crashes at launch, a ton of systems that weren’t well developed (or well thought out), poor explanations for basic stats and mechanics, and combat design that basically encouraged save scumming en masse.

And yet when Patricia played ELEX, she still loved it.

Recently, it took me days to complete a single quest because I kept getting distracted by a cool thing that popped up, whether it was a bandit hideout, a lake infested with monsters, or a series of notes that hinted at a mysterious quest. I have to write down everything to keep myself vaguely track. It’s the best.

ELEX‘s greatest strength was a charm that shone throughout regardless. And ELEX 2 certainly seems like it has a strong sense of what it wants to be: in your face, angry, flashy, and metal as all hell.

Honestly, I’m chuffed to bits. ELEX was one of those games that could have been so good if the developers had the opportunity to refine some of its rougher sides. Tons of games lack that strong identity, a spirit to shine through the jank.

ELEX never had that problem, and it sure as hell seems like ELEX 2 doesn’t either. It’s launching on current and last-gen consoles, PC, but not the Nintendo Switch. There’s no release date at the time of writing.

For those who played the original and have some history with the game, here’s the setup for the sequel:

The planet Magalan has seen some rather peaceful years after the Events of ELEX I: old factions have been vanquished, new factions have risen. The Berserkers’ attempts to regrow and terraform the lands have started to bear fruit. After the defeat of the Hybrid, the Albs are no longer a threat. However, our hero – Jax – returns with knowledge of a new menace that’s casting a shadow over Magalan. It falls to Jax to unite these different factions together to face this darkness together.

Oh, and also: you can fly.

elex 2
Image: Steam

I’ll bet a fiver that the flying ends up being buggy as all hell somehow, but it’ll still put a massive grin on my face every time I do it. ELEX has that kind of quality, after all. If you’re keen, there’s more info here on the official Steam page.


  • Ah, Elex. I played it like… 18 months after its heavily-marketed but ill-fated release, after it was apparently patched into playability, and the criticisms for ‘Eurojank’ (great new word, love it) still held true.

    Still worth trying to struggle through, but man… I really do get punished for always trying out the AA (to sometimes just A.5) titles.

    • (When I say ‘new word’ I meant to my vocabulary. Apparently been in use since at least 2019)

    • Piranha Bytes is one of those studios where you feel like if they just had a little more of something they could really make something amazing but its been 20 years since Gothic 2 which I still think is the best thing they have ever made.

      Its a real shame they cant quite get over that hurdle.

      • “Piranha Bytes is one of those studios where you feel like if they just had a little more of something they could really make something amazing”

        Like TruBlu/Big Ant with their rugby league games. They got sooo close with RLL3.

  • I really like it when games with a lot of problems and a lot of promise get a chance to have sequels. I liked The Surge quite a bit despite its numerous issues and The Surge 2 was better in every way. I’m enjoying the new Necromunda game and I really hope they get a chance to iron out the weirdness for a sequel. Hell, Stalker might be my favourite game of all time.

    I might have to get around to playing Elex. It looks like it might be the rough diamond I need.

    • I severely dislike the the Dark Souls and Dark Souls-esque games, I found the difficulty to enjoyability ratio way too skewed for my liking.

      In saying that, I found the Surge (and it’s sequel) to have just the right amount of difficulty to enjoyability ratio for my taste, even though many people find the difficulties to be somewhat on par. Maybe I’m just over the Middle Ages aesthetic *shrug*

      • Dark souls difficulty is often a knowledge problem more than a skill problem. I struggled the first time I played but then I watched someone else play it and noticed what kind of weapons and upgrades they were going for and what path they took and what they spent their souls on.

        If you do it right you can be hitting quite hard in the first hour of the game and im sure you can imagine that when you hit for 200 instead of 20 the bosses and mobs feel a lot easier. You can also find armor just sitting on the floor in certain areas that let you just face tank bosses.

      • The Surge is much less forgiving than the Dark Souls games, but the combat is different in a few ways that might just click better for you. IT’s also pretty easy to just build an infinite health recovery character in The Surge 1 and 2, which makes a lot of the areas a lot less brutal.

  • The original was a game I’m sure glad that I bought on sale, heavily discounted. But I concede, there was some promise to the premise & mechanics, just let down by poor implementation & engine/programming.

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