Encased Looks Like A Jazzy, Retro Hotel California Simulator

Encased Looks Like A Jazzy, Retro Hotel California Simulator
Image: Encased

In the year 1976, humans discovered a vast artefact known as The Dome, an ancient structure filled with wild technologies with the potential to change the future of humanity forever. But while The Dome was a fantastic discovery, it came with a catch: you could check into the structure, but you could never leave. This is how dystopian sci-fi RPG Encased begins.

You play as a human entering The Dome with the purpose of refining this future technology via one of five disciplines: science, engineering, security, management or convict. Each lets you explore a different part of the mysterious Dome — but regardless of what you choose, your time in the Dome will be interrupted by a Cataclysm that changes your life forever.

It’s a very strong premise, and a brand new trailer for the game has shown off just how fun it has the potential to be.

While the game has been in Early Access since 2019, it looks to have gotten a fresh, shiny overhaul for its final release — and the new trailer highlights all the wild new questing, crafting and adventuring that’s waiting in the final version of the game.

There’s a bit of OG Fallout here, a retro sci-fi aesthetic (much like Deathloop and Marvel’s Loki) and hints of classic isometric RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Diablo. Couple that with a killer concept, and you’ve got a very interesting experiment.

It’s set to be one of the flagship releases for Koch Media’s new Prime Matter publishing label, and looks like a fresh, jazzy new spin on isometrics. If you’re missing the classics, Encased could be the game for you.

You can check out the brand new trailer for the game below:

Currently, the game is scheduled to release for PC on Steam, Epic and GOG in spring 2021.

Early access is now live, but you’d be better off waiting for the shiny full release coming soon.

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