Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct
Screenshot: Nintendo
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While there was some valuable gems already missing from Nintendo’s E3 2021 slate — no Hollow Knight: Silksong and probably no Switch Pro — the company still had more Zelda, Breath of the Wild 2 news, a new Metroid, and the return of Wario Ware.

Heading into E3 2021, Nintendo’s lineup was arguably the strongest out of the three publishers. The Nintendo Switch had suffered the least supply issues throughout the year, and its rampant success before and during COVID meant Nintendo had a steady supply of third-party indies to buffer out the space between its in-house titles.

But E3 2021 was the year where some of those first-party games were expected to come to fruition. With Pokemon Arceus, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl months away, titles like NEO: The World Ends With You, more Splatoon 2, and never-ending rumours about an upcoming Donkey Kong title, Nintendo came prepared.

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectSmash Ultimate began proceedings with the introduction of Kazuya Mishima from Tekken, leading to an entertaining moment where Kazuya tried to drop Kirby off a cliff. Sorry buddy, we’ve all been there, it doesn’t work.

Image: YouTube

A future presentation will be held on June 29 for a deeper dive into Kazuya.

Next up was the Life is Strange universe, with both the Remastered Collection and Life is Strange: True Colors getting Switch releases. The latter will hit the Switch on September 10; Remastered Collection doesn’t have a release date beyond 2021 yet.

Speaking of Square titles, it was confirmed that the Switch would also get a port of Guardians of the Galaxy. It’ll be available on October 26.

Worms Rumble followed, although you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to take advantage of the Worms shooter. It’ll launch on the platform on June 23 (June 24 Australian time). Astria Ascending then got a September 30 release date, while Two Point Campus won’t be out until next year.

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectSuper Monkey Ball: Banana Mania was then announced with an October 5 release date. Amazingly, Mario Party Superstars then got unveiled, offering 5 boards from classic Mario Party games. All game modes will support online play, even if you’re playing in solo, and progress can be saved mid-game (if playing with friends).

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectMario Party Superstars will go live on October 29.

A new Metroid game – Metroid: Dread – was announced. It’s a 2D platformer with a lot of classic Metroid elements, and it’ll launch on October 8 with new amiibo.

e3Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectJust Dance 2022, arcade racer Crus’n Blast and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot then all got Switch ports, and Mario Golf followed with a quick breakdown of the game’s modes.

Standard Golf, Speed Golf, Battle Golf (which takes place on a special arena) and Golf Adventure will be the four modes in-game. New courses and playable characters will be added to Mario Golf for free post-launch, too. Mario Golf: Super Rush goes live on June 25

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin then got its expected slot in the Nintendo showcase. This was part of Capcom’s showcase a day before, and it’s out on July 9.

Finally, a new Warioware was announced. It’ll support two-player co-op, featuring mini games that include squeezing a statue’s nipples (?). Wario Ware: Get it Together launches on September 10.

e3 nintendoEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct

Next up was Shin Megami Tensei VNot the Persona 5 port everyone has been asking for, but it’s within the same universe. Also, SMTV looks pretty good on the Switch, all things considered. It’ll also be a Switch exclusive, launching on November 12.

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct

The Danganronpa franchise then hijacked proceedings with Danganronpa Decadence, a package with four games from the franchise. It’ll have Dangonronpa S: Summer Camp — basically an expanded version of the board game from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The pack will launch later this year.

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectFatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will launch on the Switch in 2021, too.

The DLC/games launching today part of the Direct then rolled. DOOM Eternal’s campaign expansion is hitting the Switch today Australian time, while Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is available from June 25 on Switch.

Remember the Strange Brigade co-op shooter? Well, it’s back on the Switch with local wireless co-op and online play. It’s available from today as well.

A recap of the Mario + Rabbids sequel followed, further highlighting that players won’t be limited by a movement grid anymore; you’ll be able to run anywhere within the movement radius that appears on screen.

For those into remasters, Advance Wars is back. And it looks pretty neat, too.

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct

It’s called Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, and it’ll go live on December 3. Last up was more DLC Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, with the first lot going live from June 18.

Finally, Nintendo closed their E3 showing with the Zelda section of the Direct. After some discussion on the Game & Watch Zelda system and a brief mention of Skyward Sword HD, which launches on July 16, more Breath of the Wild 2 footage was unveiled.

Everything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectEverything Announced At Nintendo’s E3 2021 DirectBreath of the Wild 2 is targeting a 2022 release date. 

Nintendo closed out their E3 2021 show by mentioning they were working on other titles. The show then immediately switched into the Nintendo Treehouse team, where talk immediately refocused on Metroid DreadMario Golf: Super Rush, Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, Shin Megami Tensei V, Wario Ware: Get it Together and more. Naturally, Metroid Dread was first cab off the rank for a deep dive, with Wario Ware: Get It Together the second deep dive after that.

No more information was provided on Metroid Prime 4, beyond a confirmation that it was still in developmentSplatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3 were also missing from the show.


  • The way these articles are layers out is terrible. Can we not have a basic heading for each game announced followed by wordage and a picture/video? Half the time I’m not sure which game I’m looking at or reading about.

  • Wow I have to say this Nintendo E3 Direct definitely blew me away.
    I mean not only are we getting Kazuya Mishima from BANDAI NAMCO’S Tekken in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we’re also getting another Warioware game called Warioware Get it Together coming out September 10 which I am excited for along with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 coming out later thanks to both Vicarious Visions who have now merged with Blizzard and Beenox.
    But I am excited though that Nintendo is bringing us another Mario Party game called Mario Party Superstars and it’s coming out on October 29 this year packed with 5 classic game boards one of my favourites is Peach’s Birthday Cake from Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 and 100 minigames from the Mario Party series I’m absolutely speechless and I can’t wait to play Mario Party Superstars when it comes out on Nintendo Switch October 29.
    But first before I play Mario Party Superstars I need to hit the fairway first for some Mario Golf Super Rush sporting fun and mayhem which comes out on June 25 later this month FORE!
    But with Kazuya Mishima from Tekken as our 10th DLC fighter for Smash we have one more DLC fighter reveal left as to who that 11th DLC fighter is going to be for Smash I hope it will be Crash Bandicoot one day.
    Also I wasn’t expecting SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball to turn 20 this year but I’ll go with it anyway I’m excited though that Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5.
    I’ve already seen Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope from the Ubisoft Forward press conference and I am excited that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2022.
    I think Bowser will definitely join Mario’s team to take on the evil Cursa.
    Square Enix I wasn’t expecting you guys are bringing the Life is Strange Remastered collection and Life is Strange True Colours but hey I’m excited Square Enix for Life is Strange True Colours coming to Nintendo Switch September 10 and the Life is Strange Remastered Collection coming later this year.

  • Pretty impressed. Honestly, I don’t go into Nintendo announcements with a list of what I want them to announce, because usually it’s the surprises that leave me the happiest.
    Sure, I’d love to know where Metroid, Bayonetta and everything else they have announced will actually arrive, but it’s the surprise Wariowares and Metroid Dread’s that make Nintendo presentations more interesting that their peers’.

    Looking forward to actually watching the thing after work.

  • Oh nice, a new 2D Metroid game, a new Mario Party, a cool surprise for Smash…

    HOLY SHIT new Wario Ware and Advance Wars!

  • I feel like this direct was made just for me. As someone who owns every Mario Party game in the series, I am still so ready for more. Advance Wars was one of my favourite GBA games so to have it back and remade is just amazing and I hear it’ll have online play, 4 player co-op and so on which is just great. Monkey Ball looks like a blast, even Mario + Rabbids is following up one of my favourite switch games, and Breath of the Wild 2 is so hard to wait for.

    Metroid Dread though takes my top spot. Love it, has a lot of Metroid Fusion vibes with the E.M.M.I. things chasing you and being totally OP, really excited to get my hands on it, already got the special edition and amiibo’s preordered. Can’t wait!

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