Everything Is Better In First Person

Everything Is Better In First Person
Image: Metro Exodus (Kotaku Australia)

If there is one simple, undeniable fact about anything, it’s this: every game idea is improved by putting it in first person. Don’t believe me? Cool, that’s the point I’m here to prove, and I will do that simply by listing all the times the first person perspective made other, lesser games better.

Fallout: New Vegas:


(You might not have liked it, but Shadowrun was good enough to be esports!)


Metroid Prime:

Duke Nukem 3D:


(Fun fact, Castle Wolfenstein is also the first stealth game ever made; Wolfenstein made the jump to first person way back in 1992, years before MGS would, and Wolfenstein did it better.)

Grand Theft Auto V:

Dark Souls:

The Witcher 3:

Grand Theft Auto IV:



Silent Hill:


Metal Gear Solid:

Everything is better in first person. It’s just plain scientific fact. Living real life. Driving first person in racing games. Eating ice cream. Rap lyrics. Detective narration. Tetris.

Oh, right, Tetris.


Don’t @ me.


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