Far Cry 6 Leak Shows Playable Villains From Past Games

Far Cry 6 Leak Shows Playable Villains From Past Games
Image: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 may be months away from launch, but we already have an idea of what kind of downloadable content Ubisoft will be providing post-release thanks to, you guessed it, a credible E3 2021 leak.

What’s in the Far Cry 6 season pass?

According to screen-captured footage of a now-deleted Far Cry 6 advertisement, the upcoming game’s season pass will allow folks to play as villains from previous games, including Far Cry 3’s Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min, and Far Cry 5’s Joseph Seed. In what capacity these characters appear remains to be seen.

The advertisement apparently went live sometime this morning on YouTube, popping up as a pre-roll commercial on an unrelated video. While it has since been pulled by Ubisoft, a smart Reddit user captured the video beforehand, the details of which are corroborated by a VGC report containing an embed of the now-deleted footage. Ubisoft eventually confirmed the leak during their conference, adding that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon would be getting a re-release as well.

Far Cry 6 takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara. The small nation is ruled with an iron fist by its fascist dictator, Antón Castillo, who is played by Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito. As intimidating as he’s been in previous roles, Esposito really seems to be kicking things up a notch for this game, which should make taking him down as a revolutionary that much sweeter.

Who are the Far Cry villains?

Since 2012, every instalment of the Ubisoft first-person shooter series has been heavily promoted through their villain. Vaas Montenegro, for instance, was first introduced to fans by way of a chilling Far Cry 3 trailer in which he opined on the definition of insanity before tossing the main character over a cliff.

Some have even speculated that Far Cry 6’s young dictator-in-training, Diego Castillo, may actually be Vaas as a pre-teen due to some facial similarities.

Pagan Min, on the other hand, courted drama before Far Cry 4 was even released, as some rightfully believed the cover art was pretty racist. In the actual game, Min proved to be just as merciless and unpredictable as Vaas, with an aristocratic flair that added a layer of charisma to the menace. Controversy aside, however, he never quite lived up to his predecessor.

The most recent game, Far Cry 5, centered on Joseph Seed, the leader of a Montana-based cult known as Eden’s Gate. Although Seed and his followers were clearly based on present-day white supremacist movements, the game itself never quite went as far as people were expecting. Ubisoft has a history of trying to remain as ignorantly apolitical as possible.

Far Cry 6 is also following in the footsteps of previous games by focusing more on its antagonist than its hero. It only makes sense, really: If you’re paying big money to get Giancarlo Esposito in your game, you’re going to put him front and centre as much as possible. Far Cry 6 is expected to be a big part of Ubisoft’s E3 2021 presentation later today, so stay tuned for more information.


  • 90% chance these are just going to be “costumes” our character can wear like how in far cry 5 and new dawn we could turn in Rex Power Colt from Blood Dragon and Bayek and Aya from Assasins Creed: Origins

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