Far Cry VR Is A Full Body Experience That’s Only At Australia’s Zero Latency

Far Cry VR Is A Full Body Experience That’s Only At Australia’s Zero Latency

Remember Far Cry 3 and its psychotic antagonist Vaas? He’s back, but this time you can relive the experience in co-op as a full-body VR experience — and Australia is one of the first places you can try it out.

Called Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity, the experience is a spin-off from Far Cry 3 that’s now playable at Zero Latency VR’s 7 Australian locations. It’s a half-hour long experience, according to Zero Latency, and it starts with you in a prison.

far cry vr
Image: Far Cry VR (Supplied)

Vaas and his cronies — like Far Cry 3 — are on their usual psychopathic shtick, and they’ve captured you and your group of friends for sport. Your VR squad then has to fend off waves of enemies, but in the typical Zero Latency style, you’re running around a lot more than the traditional VR experience.

Like all Zero Latency experiences, players are connected to a gaming backpack powered by an RTX 2080 and an Intel i7 CPU. The actual headset is a HP Reverb VR headset, which Zero Latency has been using for a few years. That combination is what gives the Zero Latency VR experiences a degree of freedom not afforded through typical VR setups, which are usually restricted by much smaller fields of play available in people’s living rooms.

Zero Latency tickets start from $49 a piece, with several sessions usually available a day. If you’re booking mid-week, playtime sessions are usually from 5:30pm onwards, while on weekends sessions are available on 45 minute slots from 10:00am right through to 9:15pm. It’s worth adding that Friday/weekend sessions are a bit more expensive at $59 a session, and that applies for all Zero Latency experiences, not just Far Cry VR. 

If you’re interested, you can book a session at one of the Zero Latency locations via this link. There’s one in every major Australian state, except for Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT, but those in Queensland have access to Sunshine Coast or Brisbane locations. (Victoria has two as well, although location-based VR is out of the question with the current lockdown.)

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