Everything Announced At The E3 2021 Freedom Games Showcase

Everything Announced At The E3 2021 Freedom Games Showcase
Image: Cat Cafe Simulator

Freedom Games is a first-time presenter at E3 2021 but between cosy indie gems like Cat Cafe Manager and Coromon, there’s plenty of reasons to sit up and play attention to the show. Sometimes all you need in life is a bit of wholesome goodness, and Freedom Games is gearing up to deliver that goodness in spades.

Whether you’re following along this morning or you’re catching up with all the news out of E3 2021 post-showcase, come with us now on a journey through the wonderful, pure worlds of indie gaming.

You can watch the show here or stay tuned for liveblog updates throughout the showcase.

This article will be updated live as more updates trickle out from the Freedom Games presentation.

Here’s everything announced at the Freedom Games E3 2021 showcase, as it happens.

Dreamscaper comes out August 12

The first trailer is a whimsical, spooky looking adventure filled with gorgeous landscapes, and a life-dive-repeat cycle to make even Tom Cruise jealous. From the looks of it, it’s a game where magic and adventure takes place in your dreams. It’s a game called Dreamscaper, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Airborne Kingdom is a gorgeous, desert-themed journey

Airborne Kingdom looks fantastic, and a new gameplay trailer showed off brilliant, desert landscapes.

Coromon is the Pokémon-like you need in your life

Coromon is a new RPG absolutely inspired by Pokémon, but it looks just as gorgeous and wild as a mainline title. There’s minecarts, wild gems, roaming monsters and more.

It’s available in Q1 2022, and will be available for PC and Switch.

Also available in this period will be Cat Café Manager, an absolutely wholesome adventure where you get to man your own cat café!

To The Rescue! lets you manage your own dog shelter

It looks adorable! Bring it on! Plus, profits from the game go towards charity, which is fantastic.

It’s coming Q4 in 2021, and we can’t wait.

Slaughter League looks like a killing good time

Slaughter League is a new competitive game about killing in the style of Fall Guys. It’s adorably, deadly and looks like so much fun.

Fall down! Get killed by spikes! This game has it all.

Ancuchard lets you battle monsters, dungeons and everything in between

Ancuchard is all about rebuilding a cute civilisation via a Zelda-like action-platformer.

It’s coming in late 2021.

Dark Deity is a new RPG inspired by anime classics

In Dark Deity, you’ll be able to command legions and go to war in a sprite-heavy battlefield. It’s inspired by Fire Emblem and XCOM, which is just an all-round fantastic combination.

There’s no release date yet, but there’ll be more news tomorrow.

One Lonely Outpost is a cute, sci-fi farm sim

One Lonely Outpost is a cute farming sim with absolutely gorgeous, crisp pixel art where you can farm, mine and socialise to your hearts content.

There’s some Stardew Valley here, but with a unique sci-fi twist.

To end the showcase, there was also a break-neck run through other titles including Monster Outbreak, a retro 2D tower defence game, Tower Rush, a recruitment survival game and Sands of Aura, an open world fantasy game set in a strange, beautiful world.

To catch up with the full show, head here.

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