How To Get The New MacOS Monterey Right Now

How To Get The New MacOS Monterey Right Now
Screenshot: Apple

This week Apple revealed the brand new MacOS 12 – Monterey. It won’t be out officially for awhile, but here’s how you can get the beta immediately.

As a PSA, this is a developer beta. This means that you’re downloading at your own risk – beta software can have bugs and issues.

How to download MacOS 12 Monterey

First, we back up our Mac or MacBook. Apple has explainers  on how to do that here.

From there you need to download the macOS 12 beta from Beta Profiles onto your Mac. A prompt will ask if you want to really download it. Hit ‘Allow’.

In your downloads folder double click the macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.dmg. This will open a new folder. Double click the pkg file inside it. Follow all of the prompts.

software update folder should automatically launch. If it doesn’t go to Preferences > Software Update. At the top it should show macOS 12 beta. Hit the ‘upgrade’ button. The beta should start installing. It’s a 11.78 GB file so it may take a little bit.

Next you’ll start the installation process. Hit ‘Continue’  and agree to the licensing agreement. Hit ‘Install’ and connected to a power source if you need to. Follow the prompts and installation will begin. The system will restart once it is done. It’ll take a little while to finish the install so don’t stress about this.

You can also find instructions on how to download iOS 15 here. And there’s a big round up of all of Apple’s WWDC announcements here.