Rewatch The E3 2021 PC Gaming Show Here

Rewatch The E3 2021 PC Gaming Show Here

After Square, Bethesda, Xbox and whatever 24 Entertainment is doing with Naraka Bladepoint, there’s the PC Gaming Show.

Despite being virtual, last year’s PC Gaming Show was a veritable avalanche of titles. Nobody knew how big a hit Valheim would become, but it was first shown at the PC Gaming Show last year. There was Torchlight 3, a look at Elite Dangerous: OdysseyPersona 4: Golden, the gorgeous Airborne Kingdom, new retro shooters from New Blood Interactive (including the excellent ULTRAKILL) and a hell of a lot more.

This year should be similarly stacked. The conference will run for 90 minutes, making it just as long as the Xbox/Bethesda showcase and one of the longest shows in the E3 schedule.

Here’s the full list of what’s been announced prior to the show:

  • Exclusive content, beta and launch information for Naraka Bladepoint
  • Techland will be showing Dying Light 2 Stay Human and giving the first in-depth look at its main character Aiden and his internal motivation, alongside revealing more about the Dying Light 2 Stay Human universe
  • A new game from Kasedo Games & Bulwark Studios
  • News from the Orcs Must Die! franchise
  • New content from New Blood Interactive
  • New gameplay for Hello Neighbor 2, new modes revealed for Rawmen, and a world premier of a new title from tinyBuild
  • A new announcement from Pixelated Milk
  • A reveal of the next game from Shiro Games
  • SEGA and Amplitude Studios will have a major announcement and reveal for the highly anticipated strategy game, Humankind
  • Exclusive content from All In! Games and Chernobylite
  • An announcement for EVE Online
  • A new Chivalry 2 announcement from Torn Banner Studios
  • NACON and Big Bad Wolf are showing a brand new trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong
  • An exclusive offer from GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service
  • A message from Valve regarding Steam Next Fest

People have been speculating that Valve might launch a new console at the end of the PC Gaming Show, primarily because the original list of pre-announcements from the organisers read “And a message from Valve regarding Steam.”

That’s since been updated to say “A message from Valve regarding Steam Next Fest”, so any new hardware is probably off the table. (It’s also a bad time to launch new hardware anyway with all the chip shortages.)

The E3 2021 PC Gaming Show officially starts from 7:30am AEST / 5:30am AWST / 9:30am NZST / 7:00am ACST. It’ll stream on YouTube and Twitch, and you can watch the show through the Twitch embed below.

You can also click through to watch it directly on Twitch here, or through PC Gamer’s YouTube channel.

What would you like to see from the E3 2021 PC Gaming Show — and what do you expect Valve will announce?


  • // News from the Orcs Must Die! franchise //
    I hope it’s an announcement of OMD 4… But I assume it’s to talk about Orcs Must Die! 3 releasing on platforms that aren’t Stadia.

    But given how incredibly similar to OMD2 that game turned out to be, a glorified expansion pack for a game released nearly a decade ago is not much reason to get overly excited.

    And with how well Stadia is doing, I doubt Google have offered them another money bag for exclusivity to a potential 4th game.

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