How To Watch The Pre-E3 2021 Battlefield Reveal

How To Watch The Pre-E3 2021 Battlefield Reveal
Image: DICE/EA

Whether it’s called Battlefield 6, just Battlefield or Battlefield 2042, we’ll finally find out very soon what EA has planned for their sort-of-next-generation Battlefield series.

EA and DICE’s various studios will finally show the fruits of their labour midnight on June 10, AEST11:30pm tonight ACST / 10:00pm tonight AWST / 2:00am on June 10, NZST. The whole show will run for a full hour, with the “official reveal trailer” being shown off at 1:00am AEST / 12:30am ACST / 11:00pm AWST / 3:00am NZST. 

At the time of writing, around 10,000 people are already tuned into the YouTube premieres for both. The expectation is that this year’s Battlefield will venture into the future, with a potential title of Battlefield 2042. We don’t know if that’s confirmed, of course, but it does hark memories of Battlefield 2142, the franchise’s sci-fi venture that introduced giant Titans that players had to defend.

The official marketing campaign has already begun with a strange in-game transmission about “you have no home to return to”, while the teaser video that’s been inserted into the opening of older Battlefield games has showcased what appears to be skyscrapers and helicopters. Regardless of what the game’s title ends up being, those things alone at least indicate that we can expect a modern Battlefield with contemporary settings (including at least one urban environment).

You can watch the official Battlefield 2021 reveal below. The YouTube embed will also let you set a reminder, if you want to grab a nap and wake up just before the launch.

What would you like to see from this year’s Battlefield? I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more futuristic additions; hell, a return to Titan mode in 2021 with modern consoles and computers could be real neat. It’ll be interesting to see how the game handles the gap between console generations and how that affects cross-play, but the DICE developers will likely address that in the livestream tonight.

Update: The game is officially called Battlefield 2042; more details can be found here.


  • For the love of God please make this a next gen exclusive. Battlefield 4 was struggling everytime they were scripted Levolutions, can only imagine what limitations this one would need…

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