In Japan, There’s A Chiropractor For Gamers

In Japan, There’s A Chiropractor For Gamers
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If you play video games for a long stretch at a time, it’s probably taken a toll on your body. In Japan, there’s now “gaming chiropractic” to help iron out those aches and stiff joints.

Bauhutte, which makes gaming chairs and beds, has teamed up with a chiropractic clinic in Hyogo, Japan for a handful of courses aimed at those who are playing video games. Many of the courses have game-themed names, such as the Headshot Course for shoulder and neck trouble or the Aim Course for wrist and hand aches. The Cheat Course is a full-body overall and, as the official site states, for “heavy gamers.”

Clients who spent 10,000 yen ($129) and up to get a free USB cable, while those who spend 30,000 yen ($390) and over to get a Bauhutte polo shirt. Spend 50,000 yen ($650) and up and snag the company’s excellent onesie.

Things like stiff shoulders and backaches can cause headaches or even nausea, Bauhutte points out, which can impact your gaming experience.

Photo: BauhuttePhoto: Bauhutte

This does seem like a welcomed concept, helping pinpoint issues and relieve pain.

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