In Marvel’s Witches Unleashed Novel, The Ghost Rider’s Going To Need Help Raising Hell

In Marvel’s Witches Unleashed Novel, The Ghost Rider’s Going To Need Help Raising Hell
Contributor: Charles Pulliam-Moore

As the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze has encountered all kinds of different demons and magical creatures during his adventures across multiple hell dimensions, and he’s built up a considerable set of skills in the process. But even with all of the experience he has, it’s still quite easy for Johnny to make dire mistakes with huge consequences — like the one that sets off the events of Marvel’s newly announced prose novel.

In Marvel and Aconyte Books’ Witches Unleashed from author Carrie Harris, the blame falls squarely on Ghost Rider’s shoulders when Lucifer is set free from hell and sets out to wreak havoc with an ancient, mystical tome. Though Ghost Rider’s accustomed to thrashing other demons by himself in order to get what he wants, Lucifer’s plan to use the mythic Tome of Zhered-Na makes the matter of unique importance to Jennifer Kale, Satana Helstrom, and Topaz, a trio of powerful witches who all have a special connection to the book.

The cover of Witches Unleashed. (Image: Marvel/Aconyte)

As suspicious of one another as all of the witches have historically been, their plan to track down the pieces of Lucifer’s soul in order to thwart the fallen demon’s plans is a rather tall order, and it becomes even more complicated with Ghost Rider in the mix. But with Lucifer angling to use his newfound freedom to ascend to new heights of power, the witches and the Spirit of Vengeance have little choice but to work together if they want to survive. Like both of Marvel and Aconyte’s previous Marvel Untold books, it seems as if Witches Unleashed will keep its focus on its core cast of characters, but the premise of the new novel certainly leaves open the possibility of other magical powerhouses making appearances over the course of the story.

In addition to traditional paperback and ebook editions, Witches Unleashed will also be released in audiobook format when it hits stores on November 2.


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