Japan’s Giant Robot Crossover Series Is Back For What Feels Like Its 1174th Game

Japan’s Giant Robot Crossover Series Is Back For What Feels Like Its 1174th Game

Super Robot Wars, one of the longest-running and most numerous video game series of all time, is back once more, and this time it’s celebrating its 30th birthday.

A tactics series where many of Japan’s most beloved giant robot/mecha characters are thrown into battle together, over the years it’s featured characters from Gundam, Mazinger, Macross and Neon Genesis (just to name a few) all in the one place.

Super Robot Wars 30 was announced during Nintendo Japan’s own E3 Direct, and you can see its debut trailer below.

It’s due out later this year, and in addition to releasing on the Switch, it’ll also be coming to the PS4 and Steam, the latter of which is very interesting considering the series — which numbers well over 50 games, depending on how many of its spin-off titles you want to count to — has never been brought to the West before (though a few games were translated into English for SE Asian release).

There’s no word yet on whether a Steam version would be for a global market or, due to licensing reasons, restricted to a Japan-only release (while rare, some Steam games can indeed be region-locked).

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