New My Hero Academia Figure Is Just A Box With Hands And Feet

New My Hero Academia Figure Is Just A Box With Hands And Feet
Image: McFarlane Toys

Toru Hagakure is one of My Hero Academia‘s most popular characters, but she has an interesting quirk that makes merchandising her difficult: she’s invisible. Nobody knows what Toru really looks like, and she often appears as a headless body in school uniform, or as gloves and boots in costume.

But if you’re McFarlane Toys, these details mean little. In fact, they might even be a goldmine. On the heels of Toru’s rising popularity, the company has launched the very first Toru Hagakure figure. And yes, it’s just floating hands and feet in an empty box.

It’s glorious.

The official Toru figure comes with a plastic stand to place the shoes and gloves in the correct position, but outside of that, it’s literally just an empty, orange box. And the real kicker is Toru is priced at $US19.99 ($26.55), the exact same price as every other retail figure — including ones with all their limbs intact.

You can pick it up first at the Funimation store for a $2 discount but even at a reduced price, McFarlane are still essentially selling an empty box for $24. Honestly, I love it. A niftier solution may have been releasing a figure with Toru in her school uniform, which is arguably a bit more recognisable than her hero outfit, but the artistic choice here is astounding. Describing the figure as ‘immaculately crafted’ in the description? Genius. 

Suggesting that “every detail, even down to the colour” is “totally on point”? Fantastic.

The teaser for the figure is also a good bit of fun:

Somebody at McFarlane Toys knows exactly what they’re doing with the release of the empty box Toru Hagakure figure. It’s a nifty idea, but it’s also a great collectible, and fans of the show are sure to appreciate the ridiculousness of the release.

Sure, it’s a bit disappointing to be charging full price for a figure that uses far less materials than the others in the My Hero Academia line — but when the joke is this good, it’s almost worth it.

Well played, McFarlane. You’re cheeky buggers, but we can’t fault this release.


  • I am so excited for this! Hagakure really hasn’t gotten anywhere near enough love in the series, with pretty much every other character getting lots of episode highlights. Its like no one notices that she’s there.

  • There are eechi and henti figurines that have on more clothes than this figure.

    Lemillion gets a clothing solution, but the invisible school girl doesn’t. Mmmm.

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