Netflix’s Cuphead Show Casts Wayne Brady As King Dice

Netflix’s Cuphead Show Casts Wayne Brady As King Dice
Screenshot: Netflix

Netflix provided a brief look at its new Cuphead show today as part of its ongoing, E3 2021-adjacent Geeked Week event. And while there’s still no release date, they did reveal that inimitable Whose Line Is It Anyway? star Wayne Brady will be voicing antagonist King Dice.

The show, appropriately titled The Cuphead Show!, follows the adventures of the titular Cuphead and his brother Mugman. Plot details are scarce, but the presence of King Dice implies the liquid-holding siblings will likely come into contact with his boss, the actual Devil, at some point. And while it doesn’t look like an exact, 1:1 analogue with the game, the show’s fantastic mirroring of those unique visuals still absolutely puts it heads-and-shoulders above most modern animation.

Cuphead the video game first debuted 2017, quickly amassing a huge following thanks to its old-school, Max Fleischer-inspired visuals. Over development, Cuphead changed from a straight-up boss rush to add run-and-gun elements, but the game’s huge, difficult, frequently frustrating boss battles definitely remain the crux of the experience.

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