Ninja Gaiden’s New PC Port Is One Of The Laziest I Have Ever Seen

Ninja Gaiden’s New PC Port Is One Of The Laziest I Have Ever Seen
Image: Koei Tecmo

I’ve seen some ill-equipped PC ports in my time, but Koei Tecmo’s efforts on the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection are something else.

While we’ve learned over the years not to expect too much from certain Japanese publishers bringing console games to the PC — from Nier to Nioh they’ve had their issues and omissions — Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection’s complete lack of PC-centric options are astounding.

Like…it doesn’t have resolution options in the game’s menu. Nor does it have a pre-game launcher. If you’d like to change the resolution — and only three are available, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 and 3840 x 2160 — then you need to get into the game’s properties then launch options in Steam and…pick it from a drop-down menu there?

Please note that those resolutions correspond to 720p, 1080p and 4K, meaning anyone wanting to play at 2K is shit out of luck.

And if you want to toggle between windowed mode and fullscreen, you can definitely do that! Here’s Koei Tecmo’s helpful advice:

Playing in Fullscreen Mode

This game can be played in Fullscreen mode.

To do so, launch the game, and then click the maximise icon in the upper-right of the title bar. To return to Windowed mode, press the Esc key while in Fullscreen mode.

Throw in the fact that a warning on the store page says “requires a controller in order to play. Playing with a keyboard and mouse isn’t supported” (you can’t even navigate the main menu with your keyboard) and you’re looking at one of the most useless PC ports of all time, maybe ever from a major publisher.

I don’t want to sound like some kind of entitled shitty PC gamer here! But like, there are some bare minimums we should be expecting of ports, history has shown the bar is very low, and this…still somehow doesn’t get anywhere near that.


  • Well, the shitty entitled PC gamer (he called himself that) will probably be equally annoyed at the No More Hero games only having controller support and no mouse and keyboard as well. Of course, any PC gamer of a certain age would remember when joysticks were mandatory for some titles and unplayable otherwise.

  • Oh god, I’ve had this exact resolution problem with some other Koei-Tecmo releases like Samurai Warriors 4-II too (albeit it does have an in-game graphics menu). I’m afraid they’re kinda just like that, but I thought they were getting better. Still, at least least it doesn’t seem to have serious graphical or compatibility issues like some older K-T PC ports.

    A lack of graphical options in games this old isn’t unusual or really all that necessary, I mean just look at Sonic Generations or something, but have some granularity in resolution options _at least_.

  • Yeah, that’s me out, especially when most games struggle to pick my resolution correctly with two monitors correctly configured. Bad resolution settings are a massive deal breaker.

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