Nintendo Japan: Don’t Co-Stream Our E3 Presentation

Nintendo Japan: Don’t Co-Stream Our E3 Presentation
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Getty Images

Later today, Nintendo will broadcast its Direct for this year’s E3. Leading up to the event, the Kyoto-based game company has issued a request on its Japanese Twitter account: Do not co-stream our presentation.

“Please refrain from mirroring Nintendo Direct footage and sound during the Nintendo Direct livestream,” the tweet reads. Nintendo will allow simultaneous viewing (reactions, basically) without mirroring — and thus, without streaming sound or footage.

Once the presentation is finished, Nintendo has okayed the uploading of clips but the caveat that the use of footage and sound follows the company’s previously released guidelines.

In Japan, Nintendo clearly does not want its E3 Direct co-streamed. It’s unclear if this also applies to North America, and Kotaku has reached out for comment. It’s also not certain if this is Nintendo Japan’s policy for future Direct’s moving forward.


    • They brutally vicious with copyright bots, so much so Nintendo Japan copyright struck Nintendo of America’s and several developer channels one year for uploading their own footage 😛

  • Twitch came out and said they wouldn’t stream it, even though they had permission, in solidarity, and then a bunch of streamers did it anyway, so…. good job Nintendo.

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