No Man’s Sky Gets A Massive Visual Overhaul

No Man’s Sky Gets A Massive Visual Overhaul
Butterfly-ish worm creature in the skkkkyyyyyy. (Image: Hello Games)

Taking a brief pause from adding completely game-changing mechanics to its epic space adventure, today Hello Games releases the “Prisms” update for No Man’s Sky, adding fur to creatures, light refraction to rain, more detail to cave environments, reflective metal to space stations, and much more. Oh, and also you can tame and ride flying pets.

Basically, Hello Games has upgraded just about every visual aspect of No Man’s Sky and released those upgrades as a free update, as they do. While nothing is drastically changing, so much is being affected in some way. Rain that makes surfaces wet instead of falling and disappearing is nice. I can’t believe I never noticed the lack of any fur on alien creatures before, but that issue is moot now. There are more stars in the sky, updated warp effects, volumetric lights in ships and space stations, and tons more. Hello Games has improved photo mode as well, adding more depth of field and bloom options.

Dig that funky reflection.  (Screenshot: Hello Games) Dig that funky reflection. (Screenshot: Hello Games)

Players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC will enjoy even more detailed reflections, improved lighting, and other benefits. PC players with Nvidia cards can now take advantage of DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), potentially doubling their frame rates. Check out the Prisms launch video to see what all of these changes look like.

Hopefully, the Hello Games team gets a well-deserved nap after this update. Probably not.


  • Literally the only thing I want from NMS graphics improvements is not being able to watch every element being added in seeming slow motion as planets are being procedurally generated in front of me as I fly over them. Is that happening?

    • I’m right there with you. I’ve played the game at max settings on different computers, different GPUs, different SSDs, etc… And the pop-in remains the same. It’s honestly my only real gripe with the game these days, but it’s something that can be a pretty big immersion killer.

      And taking a quick look at their recent update videos, they don’t seem to ever do a lot flying across a planet surface… Usually a take-off, fly for a few seconds then head into space. So I assume they’re well aware of how bad it can look.

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